Ummmm..... Considered at school "The Pretty girl" all the boys wana talk to me But i dont really wanna talk to boys..I wana have s** with another girl, seriously...It really turns me on thinkin about it, but the problem is I dont kno if im Bi or not and Im scared to Admit it. A gay girl once asked me was I gay..I wanted to tell her yes sooooooo badly but i could do it..Should i Go for it??

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  • no! gross.

  • dez nuts want you to get it on with another girl too.

  • ^Oh for f**** sake, just shut up! There is nothing worse than the Poor Pretty Me rant. Tell any poor girl who is unattractive how hard it is, I hope she beats the crap out of you!
    When the h*** did idiots start wanting to make being attractive a disability?

  • ^F*** you! You don't have any idea how hard it is to be pretty, its a curse! Everyone wants to be your friend, people pester you, and everyone else hates you cuz your better looking!
    Not the OP, but unless your pretty, you shouldn't even write back to this girl!

  • Well I don't know about gay or bi, but I think you're the shallow b****. I doubt any boy or girl worth their salt would want to talk to someone who is so vain.

  • Yes.. We really dont have a choice with regards to who we are born as. If U find happiness as a lesbian or as a Bi, so be it!!!! U only have one life and one chance to be happy... Dont let the world ruin it...

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