Girls Rule

Girls can be really awesome and really smart but face it us boys are weak at times. I really like it when girls kick me in the b**** especially to put me but in place. I wish i could get a girl to kick me in the nuts. Any girls that love kicking boys in the b****? I can give you my number or email interested?



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  • Dude, little secret; the trick is to make em WANT TO! If you come in already admitting defeat-- what does SHE gain from the experience!? You gotta go all Al Bundy on em, really make em hate you-- that way she gets actual satisfaction outta taking you down!

  • That's a good one bro

  • I'm calling bullshit on this one

  • You freak you weirdo. What's with all the post about being kicked in the b****? Let me get my big huge hammer and put it to work smashing your NUTZ all over the place. Then I will put them into a blender and make you a nice drink full of what you need.

  • I dont give a f*** what you think ok dont judge me if you gunna be negative get the f*** off

  • Nope, you're gonna get judged for being a waste of skin AND for being a typically thin-skinned emotional r3tard. It's so funny how losers love to call truth-tellers "negative" when they get called on their loser bullshit!

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