I don't know what to think of my friend

I have a friend who used to be very shy, she would never date. I've had bad experiences in the past with guys, but would have some admirers. Last year, I started talking to a great amazing, good looking guy. She said he was ugly, and did not think I would be his ideal partner, anytime I brought him up, she put him down and say he was ugly. then about two weeks later after me and the guy stopped talking, I showed the picture to a common friend, who said he was so good looking, and my friend said, well is your loss, you should of went for it when you had the chance, he gave you so many opportunities. That didn't work out. Then I started talking to another guy at the end of last year, I had invited him to a get together. She was driving me, and told me he wasn't welcomed, to dis-invite him. I was shocked, and I started to see a different side, I didn't say anything. Well she started dating, and has been seen someone for a month now. another person asked how many relationships I had, I said one and this she told me he didn't actual count as a boyfriend, that he was never my boyfriend. that p***** me off so bad, she's my closest friends. and i know i'm not jealous of her, but makes me angry how she would be so opinionated and put me down in my relationships making me feel bad, and now that she's dating, she's better than me. I'm so angry, I haven't talked to her in three days. I"m afraid our friendship will desapear, but at same time, i don't trust her, i don't think i will ever tell her anything else about any guy that i'm seen or talking to. i wish her the best, and i kinda hope she meets the one soon, someone to marry so she can stop putting down any guy that i'm interested in. I release all the anger, pride, and negative energy, but i won't let her do this to me again.

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  • Your friend is a jealous of you and does not want you to be happy. Get rid of her and make friends with someone worthy of your friendship. Take care now.

  • Your friend is jealous. She probably fears that if you get a boyfriend, she'll never see you. So she tries to control you. Keep in mind, that there are more to guys than their looks and just because your friend doesn't think he's cute, doesn't mean you have to think what she thinks. She won't be dating him. You should call your friend and tell her that you're hurt by her comments. And that from now on, maybe certain things about dating a boy or who you like won't be shared. Or at least be respectful. It's one thing for a friend to have your best interests..like you are dating a guy who is not treating your right. Then by all means, your friend should say something. And if the tables are turned, you speak up. It's been 3 days she you last spoke. Has she even made an effort to call you? Or is she with her bf. Because that's not okay either. But if this friendship is no longer benefiting you, then maybe it has run its course.

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