I know how filthy my aunt really is...

..ive always had a thing for my aunt, shes my mums younger sister by about 5 years or something cant remember for sure.shes divorced too.. anyways ever since i started 'growing up' and started to become that h**** teenager we all know and love, i started to develop a little crush on her. it all started at a family birthday party where she turned up wearing tight black jeans and a black and purple lacy corset.. i s*** you not, in front of all of the family, all eyes were on her just as she intended just the way she likes it. so after the do i managed to wangle a way back to her house along with my older cousin, the intention was to go back and play some video games with him and get picked up in the morning. however my night was going to get a lot more interesting. it was about 1am, my aunt is sound asleep upstairs and we are in the living room downstairs, hes on the ps2 im on the pc on opposite sides of the room, i get bored of the game and go on the internet and download some songs for my phone. so when i go to save the file, i check the recent places and i come across a folder labeled 'goat'... yeah weird right.no idea where the relevance of that comes into play it was obviously a decoy name as such.... so as youd have guessed my teenage boy curiosity got the better of me and clicked into the mysterious folder which contained none other than some very sexy snaps of my aunt, as she paraded around what looked like a hotel room in some sexy black lingerie, french knickers and stockings the whole nine yards, they were amazing! instantly feeling my d*** getting harder i had to get off them before i was caught by my cousin who was getting ready to go up to bed. i told him i wasnt going just yet as i was waiting on my songs downaloading, which in fairness i was but thats not the real reason i was staying up... i was getting my hands on those pics of that dirty auntie of mine. luckily my cuz had the same kind of phone as me so he had his usb cable close by. i copied the pics and headed up the stairs. jumped into the bathroom to have one last quick peek at the pics, i got so hard there and then i pulled my d*** out and started to w*** myself to them and also the thought of me actually f****** her was incredible. i finished up and headed into the bedroom, my cuz questioned what took me so long in there to which i simply said i had a sore stomach...little did he know i was pleasuring myself to pictures of his mother! i felt so dirty but i didnt feel any guilt or shame, i was loving my harmless little sleepover. the next morning i woke up to find my cousin downstairs already doing whatever. but my aunt is still in bed, eventually i get up and make my way to the loo, only to catch the faintest of glimpses of her walking in ahead of me, i just got enough to never forget it, she had a little red gstring and nothing else. she mustve heard me opening the bedroom door fully as she came out with her robe on. gutted i was hoping for a second viewing, but was out of luck. until i got to the bathroom and saw the little red gstring nestled up on the hamper..i grabbed it and immediately inhaled all of that sweet aroma, i could just imagine that was exactly how her p**** wouldve smelled. i left the bathroom to hear my aunt leave the house and go across to the neighbors for something. i wanted more of her! so i sneaked into her room and proceeded to have a look around, her top drawers were full of sexy undies, i had to take some for my own time, grabbed about 4 pairs and left.. on the way out i noticed a pretty big storage box just randomly under the bed...i grab it.. open it .. jackpot! a whole bunch of kinky s** toys, vibrators, d*****, lubes, handcuffs, blindfolds, and a small piece of paper with a website, a username, and a password to a genuine adult dating site! i couldnt wait to get home to check it out. and sure enough it was what i was hoping for.. xrated hookup site with the xrated pictures! from having a big c*** in her mouth, to her finger f****** herself and her getting f***** and came all over. it was incredible! i saw my mums sister in a whole new perspective and even to this day everytime i see her in the flesh i get aroused by her and go back on the site and get my little fix of taboo one more time. i know its wrong but i just want to tell her i would give anything to f*** her for real like i seen in her pics.

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  • Okay, so you've done the unthinkable, commit incest. Now move on and find a non-relative to have s** with. Spurn any new advances from your Aunt and get your needs satisfied elsewhere. The world is too large for you to be doing your Aunt. Hope this helps and if not, get therapy. Take care now.

  • I wouldn't consider it a bad case of incest, it is strange though that you want to get it on with her so bad as she is still your aunt. Hope you find someone else bro

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