oh my...

my boyfrind just blew me off for his friends again. i was an extra in the car so i was dumped at home. and this is the guy i planned on breaking my virginity with this coming saturday! i can,t believe him. im even blowing off going to the basketball national final just to be with him on prom night. what a dog...my dog! i love him and its killing me emotionally,socially and mentally. im confused.

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  • you need to tell him that if you're going to make him important in your life, he needs to do the same for you.

    cuz right now he doesn't deserve the sacrifices your making for him.

  • I think that you’re more interested in losing your virginity than you are in the boy himself. You finally have someone who is officially your boyfriend and so it only seems natural for you to lose it to him. If he treats you this way and gets rewarded for it, then it’s not really giving him the right message.
    But think about this: How well do you think he’ll treat you after you give it up to him?
    Or are you just so desperate to lose it that the answer doesn’t even matter, anymore?
    I’ve been in the same position, so don’t think I don’t understand where you’re coming from. Giving it up to him and then getting angry at him once he dumps you will not make you the martyr-it’ll make you the idiot.

  • He just isn't a romantic guy. Maybe emotionally challenged. Did you inject yourself into plans he already had? Blow him off too. Get a silly pajama party going with booze and female friends. Kick him out for the night and see how he likes it.

  • maybe you need to blow him off.

  • if its killing you end it... stop being so easy for him, don't stand for it. let him know you aren't happy.

  • He obviously takes you for granted. And the more you offer, the more he will be happy to take. I would hold off doing anything else with him until you two get a chance to go over your needs and priorities.

  • If you still wanna pop your cherry, I'm free Saturday! : )

  • tell him how you feel. if he doesnt change, trash him.

  • You shld rly consider whether its worth it dng so much for him.

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