I eat my own doodoo

I eat s*** when I'm in the bathroom I love eating it it's so salty and sweet it smells gross and I love shoving it down My ass again so goooooooood........I also f*** my dog It's so fun yes I love hearing my dog Yalp at me as I penatrait him with my monster c***

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  • You're going to die. And soon.

  • Troll looking for a reaction

  • This is disgusting.........and disturbing.

  • I love to eat my wifes but I could never eat my own poo.

  • Your going to get sick and die. please stop....

  • #sickfuck #verysickfuck #totallysickfuck

  • ‘A fraud.’

    ‘It’s just not a real thing.’
    Ouch!It eats into their lunch. They'd prefer to see it dead.
    That's because they can't control what is essentially a decentralized, self-organising ,going nowhere
    This isn't the first time he’s railed against bitcon
    The people who understand this the quickest, like you, could stand to make a foo-fonde with it.

  • .....ummm.....................huh?

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