I want my brother

I'm Hispanic male 35yrs old 5ft 8 160lbs married too beautiful young lady with two beautiful children my older brother is 45 is about 6ft 6inches weighs about 250 pounds and recently divorced. We both live in the same town the towns fairly small. I work in the fields around a lot of migrant workers my brother works in the packing sheds I've been dealing with being bisexual for many of years I can never act on it being in a small town everyone would probably find out .about a year ago I started fooling around with the migrant worker it kind of got out of control and my brother heard rumors but the rumors were pretty strong. He hit me up on it ask me if the rumors were true I told him yes they were true .I was drunk it was only once and it would never happen again. 6 months later we were at his house watching football game with a few other friends my brother was pretty wasted. everybody wias the friends left and it was just me him at the house. He started talking about the girl that was at the party she was really hot and she had my brother all worked up the more you drink the more he talked about her the more he talked about her the more he got worked up he popped open another beer and continue to drink I cleaned up around his house picking up all the bottles plates straighten everything up then I went back to the living room sat down across from them instead of talking he was still talking about the girl he wasn't that drunk cuz I could tell he had an erection and I was turning me on I always had a fantasy sucking his d*** and swallowing his load I wish I would have never saw his erection is now I can't take my eyes off of it as he talks about the girl about every minute or so he would say""F*** I NEED A B*******"" we would talk a little more and he would say it again and again . As he turned away from me to watch TV I would look at his crotch looking at his heard on he wanted a b******* really bad and I wanted to give him a b******* even more than he wanted one. He stood up to go to the restroom when he was walking down the hallway he yelled it out again"" I need my d*** sucked"" he was really drunk and I was pretty buzzed and when he came back to the living room he had forgot his beer in the restroom and pick my beer up I told him that was my beer he didn't believe me I try to reach for it then he put it behind him I was sitting in the chair he was standing right in front of me I need this is my chance I could care less about the beer but I act like I was trying to reach around him moving my face closer to his d*** I kept saying give it to me I brushed the side of my face up against his crotch acting like I was trying to get my beer then he walked back into the hallway he says where's my beer he said help me find my beer I followed them into the hallway and I walked into the restroom his beer was sitting on the bathtub I act like I didn't see it he walked to his bedroom I follow him. I put my arms around them acting like I was trying to grab my beer rubbing my hand against his d*** she turned and looked at me and said hey that's not your beer that's my d*** i sat down on the bed and looked at him and in a real soft voice looking at his d*** I told them are you going to give it to me ? he said give you what he was standing right in front of me.i looked at his d*** and told my brother " you know what I want ""he said "show me:" I slid off the bed down to my knees I grabbed his left hand and put it on top of my head I looked up at him while I pulled his shorts down I grabbed his d*** I put it against my lips i looked up at him and told him thank you. And I started sucking his d*** violated his d*** suck on these b**** he told me he had a sit down he wanted to sit down in a chair on the other side of the bedroom he made me follow him on my knees with his d*** in my mouth a cross bedroom to the chair .I loved the chair tho it sat kinda low.i pulled his ass to to the edge of the chair suck his d*** and ran my tongue down to the b**** I didn't want to stop there. I really wanted to stick my tongue up his ass I wanted to toss his salad but I didn't know if he would let me so I slowly move my tongue closer to his butt hole didn't stop me .so I pulled his butt all the way off the chair he was almost laying down in the chair with his legs up I spread his ass apart and I ran my tongue down his butt crack. when I reached his b******* I slow licked it and licked it ,over an over i lick his butt hole about a hundred times I was so turned on I stuck my tongue inside his b******* cleaning it licking it clean sticking my tongue back in as deep as my tongue can reach i couldnt get enough of his butt hole. He set back up in the chair he grabbed me by my hair he told me to open my mouth he push my mouth down on his huge c*** gagging me.when he let me up for air I looked at him and told him thank you. he push me back down on his c*** this time even longer. He finally shot his thick hot creamy load in my mouth I swallowe

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  • I'm so obsessed with giving my brother oral graddification, it controls a big part of my life. I have
    done things for my brother to get and keep him excited. The one thing that really turns him on is my wife's butt. He really loves my wife's ""Azzzz"". I've suckered him off while he looked thru my wife's panty drawers.and while he's looked at her butt pics on my phone,on the week end we go to her work so he can watch her collect shopping carts while I give him head. And when she comes home from work and takes her shower I go to the hamper and get her panties and lay them out and take a pic and send it to my drother.he usually sends me a pic of his hard D*** back.if my wife ever found out she would leave me.

  • S** with my wife is great ,she is A very beautiful sexy and physically gourgeous. But every day regular s** doesn't do it for me .sexual excitement for me comes from more unusual and more forbidden or tabboo s**.I know its wrong but its the Truth.and the feelings get so strong .I can't stop.

  • INCEST IS WRONG, even with your brother. Your town is small but not so small that you have to resort to having s** with your sibling. No need to express you bisexuality at all since you're married. S** with your wife should be enough.

  • Oh my god. I love you. I wish I was your brother. Lucky b******.

  • Incest yes it is wrong but there are those like me who my brother basically raped me three years ago and we have been having each other daily since. I can't get enough of him and he says I am the best that he has ever had. I am 17 now and I love having s** with my brother and only him.

  • No matter how small the town is where you live, incest is wrong and you should never engage in s** with a relative. The world has too many people in it to have to choose your brother as a s** partner, even if you're drunk. There are certain things that one should not stoop to doing.

  • You are right it is wrong.and I know I have a problem .my sexual thoughts control me .I become obsessed and excited to the point of not caring being out of control . Normal s** does not excite me enough .I have crossed many lines with my brother sinse that day , when he told me he had to p*** i followed him to the bathroom and pulled him to the shower I dropped

  • Fagg

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