Glory hole fantasy

I was shocked as I was sitting in the parking lot in my car of an adult bookstore when I saw my dad drive up and enter the store I put on my jacket and a baseball cap and I walked into the store my dad was nowhere to be found he had to be in the Arcade I paid 6 bucks to go into the Arcade and I slipped into the first booth I could find I left the door slightly open and hoping my dad passed by sure enough it wasn't a few minutes and my dad passed by and Walked into an empty booth . As soon as he closed his door I quickly entered into the booth next to him I lowered myself to my knees look through the hole into my dads booth. I can see my dad standing there with his pants down around his knees I'm at this point so excited I place my fingers on the whole letting him know that I want to serve Him I watch thru the whole as he walks up to the hole the whole is rather large large enough to where my dad b**** and d*** both fit into my booth I open my mouth and lick the tip of my dads d*** then I lick the shaft I'm so excited he has no idea. I lift up his d*** and suck his b**** I could hear him moan then I concentrate I'm sucking his d*** wanted to give him the best b****** he's ever received I squeezed his precum and rubbed it on my lips then tongue his pee hole to taste his precum the fact of having my dads d*** in my mouth was driving me crazy so crazy that I came in my pants I continue to suck he could tell that I was enjoying myself I was getting a little crazy then I felt his body tense up and he shot his load in my mouth I kept his d*** in my mouth the whole time even after he finished cuming I didn't want to let his d*** out of my mouth I kept sucking it sucking his d*** sucking every last drop from my dads d*** after he pulled away I whispered thru the whole'' thank you ''he said your welcome and left quickl quickly.

Jan 21, 2016

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  • Kill yourself.

  • Why should I kill myself????? I think I'll keep waiting for my dad to return to the adult arcade and get on my knees and worship his b**** and beautiful D***.

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