Did I cheat?

Back when I was 15 (I am 17 now) I used to have a boyfriend (Good ol' days) and honestly, I have never loved a person more than I loved him. He dumped me, and my heart was broken and turns out he had been cheating on me with another girl and that just tore me apart. I used to cry for hours at a stretch and sext sooo many guys so that I could get over him. But on thinking about it now, I think I was cheating on him too??

I mean, I would never cheat but I guess in a way I did. So here's the thing.
I used to have this really close guy friend, let's name him Jake. So Jake and I have known each other ever since we were babies because our parents are great friends too. I used to go over to his place frequently and would often be left alone in his room. Jake is really great looking and I had always been attracted to him. He had a girlfriend though, so I never really thought we'd have a chance. And he was popular and I was sort of the same but really shy. But when we'd be alone, we would sit really close to each other and do a "footsie". And all the while we'd pretend nothing was happening. He used to wear these shorts which showed his boners really prominently. I could see his pants bulge and I would get turned on too thus moving closer to him and placing my hand on his crotch. I have really big b******, so cleavage was natural but I'd always pull my shirt a little lower so that he could enjoy the show. I'd stand next to him and press my b**** against him and he'd press back. We never really kissed or did anything actively sexual though.

There was this time we were watching a movie on his computer and I sat on his lap and could feel him in my ass and I never stopped him. He made me get off his lap though (because his girlfriend called)

I know it's not much, we didn't really do anything. But, I have always felt guilty about this and I felt like I cheated too, because this all happened during my relationship. So yeah this is my confession.

Did I really cheat? Or was it harmless and nothing to feel guilty about? Because I swear I never really thought of it this way. And Jake really loved me too. Not in a romantic way, but in some way. I did too. Doesn't change facts, but yeah.

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  • If you have to ask, you probably cheated. Now what, do you plan to change your ways?

  • Not exactly cheating but definitely not being loyal.

  • I don't think it was cheating, unless you actually did something sexual with him.

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