Adult young male and cannot c**. I love still watching beautiful female nurses while they look at my genitals and especially during my erections that I have no control over. As my p**** gets larger I love to watch their eyes even though it's all in my head. Pretty strange confession but I imagine everything from them forcing and denying my e**********'s to laughing and humiliating my inability to e********. As my p**** bounces they sometimes chuckle or blush and I love it for some reason. I cannot even feel my genitals but I still love the fantasy of imagining them doing anything they want to me. Pretty weird confession eh? Any suggestions on how to deal with this??

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  • Creepo!

  • By the way, ex-Keyfessors,

  • A version of this BULLSHIT POST was on Keyfess sometime ago.

  • No feeling or movement from the waste down. Cervical spine injury levels 6 7. I only wish that were possible. But physically c** in actuality is impossible my doctors and many years of dealing with this has proven. Of course I have gotten off before an accident so I know how an o***** feels. It could be just so simple as missing my previous experiences with women and masturbation as a youth. Injured when I was 20. Still drives me crazy to feel something on the inside and no release. Especially as my p**** still gets very erection and bright red in front of nurses. Never tried electrode stimulation but I cannot do so myself my arms are also affected by disability to the point of maximum control and maneuverability. In other words I cannot still stroke myself anyways. Just reading the feedback is helpful but a little turn on in my head. This maximum load is what I imagine somehow to the point of actually feeling so on the inside even though that doesn't make sense. I think I've changed actual releasing c** into different thoughts and weird feelings of eroticism-watching my nurses reaction, etc. to my penile condition. If you erect is present I watch their every reaction and read a lot into it mentally, etc. if nothing is there I feel like they are laughing at my inability to come and lack of size-go figure

  • If the president was decided by erections... wow.

    Back to the confession, I'm sure there is something that'll get you off. Electro-stimulation to the prostrate gland. You might not feel anything but perhaps some endorphins will make you enjoy some part of it. How disabled are you? I'm guessing you are.. paraplegic? So nipple stimulation might be out of the question too.

    If you've never have had an o*****, that might not be good for the prostrate too. Use it or lose it. But, if mentally stimulated long enough, you probably can blow a load to end all loads. Who knows.

  • Erection not election! Haha

  • Hasn't she ever seen a disabled man with elections? I'm told that it happens with other guys to-? What do you think she would say about all of my comments and confession? If she were watching my c*** grow would she be intrigued, embarrassed or feel like laughing? What other thoughts does she have on my comments? Thanks

  • Great..my wife is going to be a nurse...but, she really loves people, and wants to help...she's not very sexual though, but I have heard her say she sees things that she would nover otherwise see..I won't lie, she say's she's seen disabled men hung like horses, but "theres no life in barn"....She's never been with anyone but me (married 20 years nearly)....so I know she's curious...

  • I secretly imagine the nurses teasing and abusing my genitals also to be totally honest. And I cannot even feel the area. Maybe I am just guilty feeling about my inability to e******** or something, but these overwhelming thoughts and strange desires continue to haunt. Any advice? I would love to have any nurse stroke me even though I cannot perform (e********). Have them either laughing at my inability and/or abused them. Now that sounds a little crazy to me but it is only a secret desire I would never and could ever follow-through. Anybody's comments appreciated

  • dez nuts love lotion!

  • You're not crazy.

  • Some of them seem to be laughing at my size others waiting for me to c** if they do not know I cannot. Very weird I know that it's true and I finally confess. One time I was so red that I asked the nurse to rub in skin lotion and I was shocked while she did so. I was coming in my mind and going crazy and I think she knew what she was doing. Oh if I could only let it go for real! I know this is strange but true. Comments please-am I crazy?


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