is it about me?

sometimes i wonder if the confession is about me or not.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • It's not.

    Don't be sad though.

    There's always masturbation.

  • Its never about you.
    No one likes you.
    No one loves you.
    No one is even slightly concerned as to whether you.....
    have an STD,
    cant sleep at night,
    cheated on them,
    are being cheated on,
    cut yourself,
    took to many pills,
    whored yourself out,
    are being consumed by demons
    or chased by the cookie monster.

    Get over yourself.

  • Let me stop you wondering. None of these confessions are about you. Nobody cares about dirt.


  • I f****** loled at the second response

  • Thats because you're a self-absorbed, egotistical a******. Guess what? There are 6 billion other people on earth, odds are it's NOT about you...

  • That's because you are an attention w****.

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