Caught the wife

I work Tuesday thru Saturday. I work mostly day shifts but sometimes I'm asked to stay over and sometimes I have to work a Sunday. Not very often on the Sunday part but it does happen.

So two weeks ago I was at work at 6pm Saturday. My boss asked if I could open the store on Sunday and I could leave at noon. No problem. I got home and had dinner with the wife and our child. We watched a movie and I went to wash my work clothes. She asked why I was washing them since I didn't have to work. I told her they asked me to open.

So I get to work Sunday morning and the manager that was supposed to be not there was there. Said they had a cancellation and was gonna have to reschedule. I said, "Cool. So I don't need to be here then?" He said, "Nah. You're good. Go home and enjoy your day off."

I pick up some donuts and head home. The house is dark. Our daughter is no where to be found. I got completely naked and started to walk back to the bedroom. I figured I would sneak back into bed and try and get some. I walk upstairs and I hear moaning. I absolutely love "catching" my wife masturbating and she knows it. It's a fantasy of mine to walk in and see her totally naked, p*** on the tv and her f****** herself with her vibrator.

The bedroom door is open but that's not unusual. I walk into the room. I didn't see her masturbating on the bed. I saw our black neighbor sitting at the foot of the bed. He was totally naked and my naked wife was on her knees sucking his d***. Neither of them even notice me standing there. I clear my voice. I'm half turned on and half angry as h***. She quickly turns her head and sees me standing there. She says, "Oh my god. Jack! What are you doing home? You were supposed to be at work!" I say, "Wtf is this? Nvm. I know what this is. How long has this been going on?"

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  • Are you telling me you didn't put them out their misery?

  • Divorce the w****

  • Why not ask your wife, she knows.

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