A perfect peeping spot

My husband bought us a camping trailer well over a year ago that mainly sits in the back of our driveway. Because of his job we rarely get to use it so this past March I only went in to dust it down. Its a tight squeeze between our house and my neighbors house and as I glanced out of the rear window I could see directly into my neighbors son's bedroom. I couldn't see what he was watching on his computer but he was standing naked in front of it masturbating. I quickly closed my blinds but continued watching him until he finally e*********. I know Andrew works for his dad and is probably 20 or 21 by now. I was amazed at how well built this young guy is and admit I enjoyed seeing him nude. Now I'm 44 and have 2 daughters 22, and 19 so its been ages since I saw a young man naked and don't think I ever saw a guy masturbating. I have jerked off my husband but never saw him doing it by himself. I hated my husbands job because he is away 10 to 12 days ever month but now watch Andrew whenever my husband is away.

I sneak into the trailer in the evenings and often wait an hour or more just to see Andrew naked, He doesn't always m********* but does frequently always watching what I assume is p***. My husbands p**** is about the same size as Andrews both soft and erect but my husband isn't circumcised and Andrew is. The curtains in Andrew's bedroom are never closed and because he is in the back he thinks he has no privacy concerns. I've become addicted to watching him since once he is undressed or has his shower he doesn't put on any underwear or PJ's on staying naked and I think sleeps that way. He constantly touches himself and he sometimes masturbates laying in bed but mostly does it standing at the computer. I know how perverted this may sound but as I'm watching Andrew I find myself getting aroused. I keep the trailer dark with one blind slat open and find myself masturbating often having several o******. Within a few months I have turned into a peeping tom. The funniest thing about Andrew is that he is always careful where he e*********. He often puts newspaper or paper towels on the floor to catch his s****. When he lays in bed jerking off he has it land on his stomach. I liked seeing him on the bed because then he generally has his legs wide open often with a knee or two up not realizing how exposed he is to me. I do have a sense of quilt especially when I see and talk to Andrew outside. He would die if he knew how often I see him naked and watch him m*********. I know I should feel more regret about watching him but it has become entertainment to me. I never dreamed the sight of a young naked man could cause me to become so aroused.

28 days

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  • This kid is around your kids age. Would you like it if someone masturbated to your kid whether you know it or not? I know I wouldn't. You are also married and looking upon someone with l*** in your heart is the same thing as cheating. What if you get caught masturbating by watching Andrew and your husband catches you and looks the direction you are looking in? He may not be very happy and think a woman your age shouldn't be masturbating to a guy your kids age. If I were you,I wouldn't just continue. I would do the right thing and let Andrew know that you can see everything he does through his window. You don't have to explain what you saw. He may wonder what it was you saw and close his blinds/curtains or something and you wouldn't have to worry about getting caught.

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