A hole in me

I euthanised my cat today.

I was doing revision for school and he started having a fit at my feet, at first I thought he was dreaming because he was twitching like dogs do when they dream but when I tried to wake him he wouldn't stop.

My dad and I rushed him to the vet and they said he had a tumor in his liver that had been steadily growing and today was the turning point. I had in total 3 panic attacks but I still went up to where he was laying on the table and said that he had been an incredible person and family member.

I told him that I'll miss him curling up beside me in bed whenever I left the door open and I would miss his cuddles.

Then I made the decision and I took the two needles that held an overdose of an anaesthetic and I put the tips into the IV drip and stayed with him as he died.

I didn't want him to be alone and my dad didn't want to do it so I did it for the family and for Max the cat himself.

Today was the only time I saw my dad openly cry except when we were at his brother's funeral.

I didn't want anyone to do it and my sister will be decimated when she finds out. Max was really her cat and she is currently away and I'm not aloud to tell her until she comes back.

Today I euthanised my cat



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  • Nope. I'm calling bull$hit. Why? Because there is no way in Satan's hot place that YOU, a student and not a vet, "took the two needles that held an overdose of an anaesthetic and I put the tips into the IV drip". Also, blaa blaa "I had in total 3 panic attacks" blaa. Dear me, somebody's quite the little drama queen!

    You are a disgusting and pathetic waste of your daddy's baby batter, just playing faceless fools on the internet for attention and false sympathy. Signed, someone who really did have their cat euthanized recently and knows quite well that it does NOT work that way.


  • It's just a fricken cat, get a new one!

  • It's just a cat, get a new one!

  • Although I know it was a painful thing for you to do, you stepped up and did the right thing.

    I understand the loss, my cat MANY years ago was hit by a car in front of my house, and it hurt while I was burying her. I didn't cry, but my heart hurt for losing her, but at least she didn't suffer.

    You did the right thing by removing the suffering for Max. That is the definition of true love.

    My condolences to your entire family.

  • You did a very adult thing. And also a very loving thing. You did what no one else in your family was willing -- or perhaps able -- to do, and that was to end the suffering of a member of your family, because you recognized the absolute need of it. You should be proud of yourself, and you will be, once the sorrow subsides enough that you can see over the top of it. You also showed your love for your pet by displaying the strength of character (and will) necessary to do what had to be done. Very well done indeed.

  • Condolences on the loss of your beloved pet. In time you will heal so take care of yourself. Maybe you will get another cat in the not too far off future. ~

  • I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my cat of 16 years a few years back and it's one of the few times in recent memory that I cried. I didn't euthanize her though as she died at home. I can't imagine how hard it would be to euthanize a pet. I'm sorry for your loss. You lost a family member today. There are support groups out there. I hope you and your family reach out to them.

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