Does she care? no

My mother doesn't appreciate anything I do. No matter what I try, it's not good enough for her. I did some shopping recently, and I paid for everything with my own money, but she gave me a huge lecture about how much I spent, and using her code instead of a different one (as I told her, I don't have the other one committed to memory!). I bought food for our cat as well, and some was expensive, which was my own mistake. She and my dad often go out of town, and I take care of the house and cat.

I tell her that she doesn't have to help me, but she hovers around me. She doesn't know the phrase "If I want help I'll ask for it". She insists that I use something else when I find my own way of doing things, even if the result will turn out the same way. Only if I try to tell her no (which she misinterprets as making a face), does she let me try it by myself.

She also doesn't care about what I have to say about certain things. Never mind if there's something I want to do, her plans are more important than mine. She always makes me change plans, then asks if I'm mad, and of course my answer is no.

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