I think you not wanting to have kids, not even adopted ones, is whacked out. Even though we decided it was just a difference of opinion, I blame you for being selfish.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • dez nuts don't want rug rats ether!

  • That selfish jab is a double edged sword. Its the same for you for wanting to go against his wishes too. Selfish.

    He loves you and only you. He might grow fond of his children in time but it was a relationship with you first. Some people just decide that they don't want to give up 7 years or more of their daily life until the child is semi-independent. You are asking a guy to change bums 3 times a day for the next 2 years. He'll be the one getting up at night more than half the time. It'll affect his work and the activities he enjoys. It'll triple the stress he has now. Will you work and support the family after mat. leave runs out? Are you even working right now? Is it a career? Are you ready to leave it?

    I understand his position. It is such a life altering event. Did you discuss this early in the relationship? There is a lot of joy with kids. The hugs and kisses and all that, but then there is the times when they wont go to bed, argue about stupid stuff, and get emotional over the smallest thing. Welcome to parenthood.

  • I don't think its selfish, its a decision.

  • Selfish or not, it's better than bringing a child into a situation where it isn't wanted.

  • I think your title fits perfectly. Once you know that someone does not want the same things as you, it is time to move on!

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