Cheated on my bf with 3guys

On a night out with a few co-workers, just recently started a new job, i ended up alone after towards end night about to go home when i got chatting to this younger guy, im 27 n he was like 21, cut story short i went back to his house(shared) we started snogging n before long i was on my knees sucking on his c***, when he stopped grunting and i turned around to see two his housemates watching from the doorway, feeling very h**** n drunk i invited them in to join, i was in heaven, 3 sets of hands all over me and taking turns with them in my mouth soon turned to them going down on me, they stripped me nakes but one insisted i kept my boots on and they began taking turns having s** with me as i too took turns with them in my mouth, i admit i have been with that many men before but these were younger, fitter and i felt amazing i even took all 3 inside me again, something i havent done for many years, i orgasimed the hardest i have in year, one guy under me one in front and another in my mouth, watching my boots wave franticly in the air as i orgasimed, i returned the favor by letting them all finish on my face, (one guy even came twice) got cleaned up, dressed and caught a taxi home n got in early hours the morning, slipped inbed with my bf with him none the wiser

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  • What exactly were you wearing before they stripped you? how long were they f****** you and what posistions did they dp you?

  • From what i can remember, i was wearing the boots over pair jeans with a black lace top, and my overcoat, matching black undies, we must have been f****** for about hour or so.
    when they dped me, first time was doggy for about 5 mins and then the second i was facing up in reverse cowgirl posistion, legs out to the side/in the air

  • Your awesome i wish u were close to me I'd date u for sure u r my type of girl

  • Im not single....thats what makes it ao naughty

  • When u need to try something new, message me on

  • What type boots you wearing?

  • Over the knee black leather boots

  • What type of heel?

  • Wedges, but they are pretty high xx

  • You spoke of having three at the same time as you had done before? what happened before?

  • I have confesses it on here, "my bbc g*******"

  • Aka, you're a w****.

  • Yea i am

  • I f****** love u lol your the best but I love whores dirty little s**** oh f*** yeah baby

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