Well, here it goes. I'm a white female in my mid 40's. I'm a senior project manager at a very successful Fortune 500 company. I've never been married and I have a 14 year old daughter. We live a pretty comfortable life. My daughter has everything she could ever want and we stay in a luxury high-rise condominium in one of the most prestigious metropolitan areas in my city. All my life I've been an overachiever, I worked extremely hard in business school and within my organization to get to where I am today. On paper, everything looks good, but morally and spiritually I am conflicted. I have realized that I resent my daughter. I always have. I have never had a connection with her. I'm not physically abusive towards her, just verbally and emotionally. I'm so ashamed to admit this but, I've called her a lot of nasty names over the years, mostly racial slurs involving the "N" word. You see, my daughter is bi-racial due to her father being African. About 14 years ago, while I was on a business trip in Nairobi, Kenya, I was raped by two African men. I was 30 at the time and I went for a business trip and was accompanied by a few colleagues. While I was at the bar at one of the nightclubs in the city after being in a meeting all day, I was approached by a young man named Daudi who had to be in his early 20's. At first he spoke broken English, since I'm fluent in 5 languages I started speaking in Swahili and he was so surprised. During the conversation, he indicated that he found me very attractive and wanted to dance with me, I reluctantly agreed. On the dance floor, some random young man came behind me and started dancing with us. The other young man was apparently his friend. They were both really polite and very respectful, I thought. After two songs, I excused myself and went to the women's restroom. As I came out of the stall to wash my hands, the two young men came in. Daudi approached me and tried kissing me, I immediately resisted & he punched me in the face. The impact of the punch was so hard that I fell to the floor. Daudi then told the other young man to stand by the door so nobody would enter. He then pulled up my skirt & took off his leather pants, his p**** was erect and so long. Daudi then commanded me to perform oral s** on his uncircumcised p**** and I did. He was so well endowed that I struggled to keep less than half of it in my mouth. I choked and gagged as he stuck his manhood down my throat deeper and deeper. After about two minutes, he told me to get up and turn around, I cried and pleaded with him to not rape me and he stuck his hands around my neck and applied an immense amount of pressure. Daudi then whispered in my ear and told me that he would make sure that I'd never get back to America if I didn't comply. He then told me to turn around again and I did. He then violently shoved his p**** in me. The young man that was guarding the door was pleasuring himself while watching Daudi violate me. He then moved a garbage can against the door and came over and stuck his p**** in my mouth and forced me to suck him as well. Like Daudi, the other young man was well endowed as well. Tears streamed down my face as Daudi's raw flesh penetrated my v***** at the same time I had his friends p**** in my mouth. After Daudi got his release, his friend took his p**** out of my mouth and put it in my v*****. After his friend climaxed after about a minute of penetration, both men put their pants back on and Daudi told me that nobody in Kenya would care nor believe me if I reported them and they swiftly left. I felt like A huge part of me died on that bathroom floor. I cried like an infant for I don't know how long but then I got up, cleaned myself and carried on. I didn't tell a soul, when I found out that I was pregnant 3 months later, I lied and told family members and friends that I had gotten a sperm donor since I'm not an advocate for abortion. I ended up having a baby girl. I have been in denial, but honestly I have treated my daughter terribly. I provide for her financially, but not emotionally whatsoever. Truth be told, I'm still extremely angry about that happened to me on that night. 14 years later. Whenever I see black men, I get disgusted and call them dirty ravenous n****** in my head. Then I realized that In a twisted way, I enjoyed the experience. Over the years, all I've slept with is black men. It's like a love/hate relationship. Physically I'm attracted and I love the dominance and contrast, I even call them n****** while having s**. It sounds crazy I understand, I feel like I'm just all screwed up. Most importantly I've realized that I have been punishing my daughter for all of these years and it hurts because she is actually a beautiful and wonderful child. What should I do? I feel so lost and helpless. I'm such a terrible human being. I just want to get over what happened once and for all and love my daughter like a mother should.


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  • Bytch please

  • You were raped by evil worthless n******. You rewarded this savage act of brutality - by having and caring for the result of this evil. Your daughter is not white and represents the genetic destruction (genocide) of your entire ancestral European pipeline. You are too old to have a white baby.

    In spite of your business acumen and material success - all of which go to mud shark basted - You are a coward and reward evil with good.

    You should have aborted this abomination and used your money exact revenge.

    Africa? How much you want to bet the criminals would've caught for only a few thousand dollars guaranteed.

    You are weak. A race traitor. A betrayer to yourself. And above all. A fool

    Take your mixed Race b****** abomination out of my sight . It only encourages other whites to Race mix killing us off quicker.

    You served evil.
    Take your basted rape niglet and GO. You are garbage.

  • I bet every woman in your family has had black d**** and everyone of their holes LOL

  • Jambo dada

  • Clearly you can't blame your daughter for what those men did to you. She is as much a victim of this as you are. She had no control over how she was born. As for you, it's obvious that you have a guilt complex about taking enjoyment from being raped. You shouldn't. Many women have rape fantasies and some even live them out. It just happens that yours wasn't of your choosing. That doesn't mean you not going to enjoy it. Sexual pleasure and fantasy is not of our choosing. It just IS. You like to be forced. You like to be controlled. You like to be taken. It just happened the first guys to do this were black. If they were white, would you go around thinking the same way about every white man you see. NO. So top trying to pretend you hate all blacks and using it as an defense for you enjoying what they did. You feel guilty that you wanted it and obviously want it again and again. And you feel if you call them names while they're doing you, it will make it okay because you're showing hate not l*** for it. Call it what it is dear. You loved being raped and you know it. You would love to be raped again and you know it. You feel guilty about it and your daughter is being the escape goat for your guilt. Don't feel guilty about enjoying it.

  • Don't blame you daughter for you being a low life s***. The 1st time may have been rape but you clearly enjoyed it, as for 14 years you have been going back for more. You are a black meat w**** and child abuser.

  • This is pure fiction. What a messed up mind you have! You sound very sexually frustrated, I mean, if you're having to write this imaginary nonsense, then you can't be getting much intimate attention. I feel really sorry for you!!!

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