My boyfriend can't satisfy me sexual

I was married to a father of my 2 children and only thing good about him was that i enjoyed s** with him, he has a big p**** and he knows how to use it. After divorce i got another guy with so much care, love, and he has enough money to spoil me. the problem is he can't do anything when we making love, his p**** is so small than my thumb he can't even reach me,he can see that i'm suffering from lacking s** then he'd use his fingers wich i hate most. I'm human most of all i'm a woman with feelings,i want a really man like my ex with larger and taller p****, but this guy loves me for sure then again i don't want to mix men probabry going back to my ex because i know his capacity in s**. how i wish my boyfriend can get p**** like my ex !!!! sometimes when my ex comes to pick our children up to his house i feel like wanting s** from him even attempt to kiss him while my privare area is ready to do something. Ohh don't think i still love him h*** no, but because my guy can't make me feel like a woman, that's why i get these attempts. i have everthing, house, car, well maintained, money, name it but without a good s** i feel so incomplete, my ex was only man i knew sexually and this boyfriend of mine.i have no experience of different men but my ex was all any woman want from only s**.


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  • I'm in the same situation my ex was big but my current guy is on the smaller side. I miss it.

  • Yeah it seems like the guys with the bigger c**** are the ones females cannot ever get over. These guys usually can’t stand only have s** with one woman and have something on every girl. My girl broke up with her hung boyfriend then accidentally met another guy who was even bigger. That’s how she got over him by f****** this new guy anytime he wanted. She said the s** with him was out of this world and he was able to make her c** multiple times and she couldn’t be away from him even though he had a gorgeous girlfriend. Brings me back to my first comments the guys with big c**** f*** around more than anyone.
    We met at work and I knew she had still been seeing him on the side which was fine since we weren’t totally committed.
    I know women are attracted to men with huge stamina and big c**** but you can’t blame them. Once she found out I was having s** with a girl she knew that was hotter she wanted to get serious so we did. Now we just talk about her past encounters with her c*** lovers

  • Just get a large d**** and you two can play with it.

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  • In my experience, s** is the best when you love and care about someone, regardless of their size. My boyfriend doesn't have the biggest d***, but because I love him so much s** is amazing....stop using this poor guy.

  • Just tell him to get a giant d****. That should do the trick.

  • They make extenders and sleeves that can make a p**** longer and thicker. There are also strap ons. You should be able to find these things online.

  • Who cares?

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