christopher james

i still cry every time my little siblings accidentally call me mom because i miscarried due to a pill overdose when i was 15 years old... the worst part is that my boyfriend still refuses to believe that our baby ever existed... i miss my little boy.

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  • Get over your drama hungry self. It was a clump of cells. You didn't carry it long enough for it to develop its bits, that comes later. Besides, what kind of life would be in store for a kid born to a couple of pill-popping retards whose own brains haven't finished developing yet? Like the comment below me from nearly 9 years ago suggested, you've probably dropped several doomed little crotch crickets by now anyway, because idiots like you don't learn. No sympathy for you, dumbass! Guess you'll need even more therapy now.

  • No, I happen to be a very well adjusted troll.
    If you were on birth control AND used a condom and still got knocked up, it looks like you're destined to be dropping puppies for the next 30 years or so. You better get over that 'being called Mommy' thing.
    If you want any more rude comments, keep posting. : )

  • gee thanks guys. just so you know... i was on BC and we used a condom.... and it was a really difficult decision for us to keep the baby since we are both pro choice and as soon as we made it, he was gone.... but if ragging on other people's lives gives yours meaning... then you are sad and probably need more therapy than i do...

  • Overdosing on pills and knocked up at 15... and you're bummed because somebody calls you Mommy?
    You don't need a confession site, you need a therapist!

  • WTF?!? You wanted to keep a baby at 15? That IS sad.

  • That is sad. Hopefully this guy is not still your boyfriend!

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