I like little skinny women only just recently I find them hot , Does anyone else agree with me , And what do you think the benefits are of being with a little skinny lady tell me your thoughts

Mar 17, 2019

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  • My skinny girlfriend and i found a nice secluded spot on the lake with our canoe. she had an a.. that wouldnt quit, but no t... at all. she had taken her bottoms off to pee, we were in the water up to our knees swimming when a couple came down a path out of the woods, they asked if we were staying or were they intruding. I grabbed my girlfriend by the arm and pulled her up out of the water, the guy was all smiles as she peed all over herself. i pulled her top off and said we are staying with a smile.

  • Like other guys have said, I like tiny skinny women bc that's the only way I can control them! Bigger women are usually stronger and will not hesitate to open a can of whoop ass if you are being a j*** to them, skinny girls will let you get away with it bc they are tiny and afraid

  • Fat women are like mopeds,they're great fun to ride,but you don't want your friends to see you on one!

  • My new fave joke lmao!!

  • Cruel

  • I hate skinny women and this is a major turn off, along with short hair. One girl, 170cm 50kg, was seriously into me and made not only first, but also second and third move. Fourth move was mine, friendzoning her. :) I told her that if she gains at 10-15 kg, we'll talk. Anorexia IS NOT attractive.

  • I like skinny as you can get a whole breast in your mouth and bite!!;

  • I guess to each his own. I like fat chicks. I can’t remeber the last time I f***** a woman who weighed less than 350 pounds.

  • I like to keep my gf skinny and hungry. I like that she sometime feints from lack of food. I like she is weak and bony. I like she takes s** whenever I require it. I like her to lie submissively on her back without talking and I just f*** her. If she is hungry then she gets to swallow

  • She "feints"? So along with all that other crap, you also force her to fence? You're very proud of your control-freak powers (what are they compensation for, I wonder). Too bad mastery of spelling isn't one of them :D

  • So you tried to troll that guy,but you made a mistake too dickwad!! "force her to fence?"
    Not once did he mention making her replacing the fence panels in their garden,or epée in the sport of fencing. So leave him alone. If he likes his skinny gf then fair play to him, she has her own mind,if she really didn't like it then she'd stop. They're enjoying themselves, so do one lofty

  • Settle down, basement dweller. Feinting is indeed a fencing term. Go lick some more windows and calm down before Mommy hears you!

  • Your mommy heard me instead,so we f*****.
    Damn that piggy stinks,but a f**** a f***, right?!

  • Shouldn't you be in school, little boy?

  • I like skinny women to throw around like rag doll whores. Downside is I like a bit of meat to grab.

  • My ex wife was a little skinny woman but the downside is that she was also a little skinny b****.

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