This site reminds me of group hug before it disappeared

My confession is I've written 1000s of confession on other sites and I'm really not sure I want to write anymore. Once it was an obsession of mine, but now, the magic is gone. People like to torture others, toy with them. I have discovered the ugliest faces of evil online and their selfishness has left me completely brokenhearted.

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  • "People like to torture others, toy with them."

    Yes, and one way they do is by writing "1000s of confession." Nobody has THAT much drama going on in their lives, so you were doing it for attention and got what you deserved. Just as you are now, you whimpering needy little mess!

    If you torture and toy with other people with your constant need for attention and drama, especially online, you're going to get it right back. Now shut up and "enjoy!!"

  • Fragile people can never take what they dish out. Right, MAGAts?

  • Yeah, what they said.

  • There is still good out there ..... You probably won't find it online though

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