Is this one sided love?

I have written a confession about how I like this guy and that but now I just knew that he had another girl.My friend just came back from choir practice and saw him.He said hi and they talked.But my friend said that he look kinda happy these days and she asked why.He said he found a girl and all and he's really happy.And my friend said that it's great and all.After that he said to my friend that it's a joke but don't tell me though.Of course my friend told me and that just sucks.We have spent time together for a while but he just left me like that.It's not that we're a couple or anything but I thought we were something special.I guess it's wrong.It's just me.When he said that it was a joke,I think he meant it.After I knew,I try to avoid him as I can.I did but he kept on acting like nothing happened.He made me confused.I just want him honest.What we had it's just complicated.

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  • Baby im sorry

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