I was there for you

For years we stayed in touch, I was always there to listen to your problems and I tried to be a good friend when times were tough. Well, now you've inherited this house and money from your parents, good for you, but why is it now every time I talk with you, you act so suspicious? I'm not after your money, dear, I thought we meant more than that. I'm setting you free on your own to deal with the world, maybe you'll realize what we had but if not I wish you luck anyway.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ I do, she always steers the conversation back to her finances. It's almost like she's bragging. Then if I make any comment she comes back with something like, "My money is my own business, I am old enough to look after myself." (I keep suggesting she get a financial advisor.) I just think sudden wealth has made her paranoid. I read about all these things that happen to people who win the lottery and can now understand why, a little.

  • I'd keep to the support when asked, and ask for moral/mental support when you need it too. But also share the good things in life. Like, you saw a perfect sunset the other day like the one you two shared a long time ago. Or something like that, know what I mean? Show there is a connection beyond monetary reasons.

  • You would think since you been there that the person would realize that!

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