its been roughly 9 months after me and my ex broke up.
i treat her like s*** now and dunno why...i make us being freinds nearly impossible. i know i still love her to death and just wish it would all go back to the way it was.

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  • Oh PLEASE... you treated her like s*** BUT you love her?

    IF you loved her you would not have treated her as you say"like s***."

    I hope she is not stupid enough to get back with you.
    You need help. So smarten up and get some.

  • You still feel anger because of her rejecting you. Was there a good reason?

    With time and discussion you might be able to have some empathy for her and the other way around. If you ditched her out of the blue, or for the same reason you lost her maybe you both would be in the same boat.

  • Stop being such an a******! If you are hurt by something she did, maybe you should try talking to her about it. who knows, maybe you will get it back how it was.

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