I dunno

I dunno why but I'm a huge flirt. I don't try tho its like it comes naturally and umm I dunno how to stop I have a bf nd I love him nd I Dnt wana mess this ho by flirting wit another dude.. help?

Jul 24, 2012

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  • hmm. sounds like a problem i have. how do you know you love your bf?

  • yep.......free will is a b****.

  • Unless you're bi-polar or have some kind of flirting-Tourettes, you can control every word you utter. Every single one. Unless, of course . . . you're a s***.

    Honestly, you don't get to have it both ways: saying that you really "love" your boyfriend and yet making a mad run at every able-bodied male who lands in front of you. Real "love" can't occupy the same space in your head or your heart as the impulse to seduce someone who isn't the object of the "love" you claim to have.

    Grow up. Be responsible. Resisting urges is a part of being an adult. Unless, of course . . . you're a s***.

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