Darkest secret

I hate myself and think about dying more days than not. I have since elementary school. Nothing ever changes. Nothing matters. I have the most beautiful perfect little 2 year old girl. I want so much more for her than I have had. I fail at everything. I want better for her.

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  • There is beauty in everyone including you. You made a beautiful child. Be strong for her and I guarantee that things get better.

  • Read the purpose driven life - can be found at the library

  • Your beautiful child came from you. Any beauty you see in her has come directly from you. Cherish yourself as you cherish your daughter, for she is your reflection.

  • Stay alive for her.

  • If you want better for your child, you'll have to take better care of yourself. Please consider getting therapy so that you can bolster your confidence and self esteem. Take care now.

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