I'm obsessed with women's bodies (and much much more). . . Their contours, smells, textures, tastes. I know, welcome to being a man. And it never gets satisfied. But it really hit me last night while jerking off to p*** that the hottest part of the fantasy is a connection. Eyes kill me every time! You can see when a girl is really into it, really intense, and that pops me every time. I wonder often what girls fantasize about, not just the physical stuff but the emotional/personal s***, the stuff that rubs against the back of their minds when they o*****. Right now I'm in a cafe and there are girls all around, serving staff, some having coffee, looking at their personal computing devices. There's a redhead in a blue skirt and a slender dark-haired girl in jeans and a halter top. . . A young Asian girl is sitting with her boyfriend, but neither of them are talking to each other (glued to their phones). None of them suspect (I don't think) that I've noticed them and I'm as l****** as I really am. I wonder if they're having sexual fantasies, what they are. . . Without doubt, they're sweating a little bit in their panties right now; they're sweating a little bit under their arms; they're having thoughts that they won't share with anyone, just like me. . . Perhaps they've had painful sexual experiences in the past. . . Perhaps they can't get enough. . . Perhaps they love bodily smells as mush as I do. . .How I'd love to smell them, taste them, suck on their armpits, to hear their darkest fantasies, and then c** inside them!

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