I am a 34 married white woman. there's this tall gorgeous black man at work
I want to have s** with him so much. but I am afraid to let him know how I feel
I just don't know what to do

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  • My mrs has this thing about young hung lads and has f***** with a few over the past 10 years, always when we go away and they have to be between 16-21 years old, i,m 7' cut n smooth so any lover has to be on the 8' mark before she's remotely interested, so far her biggest has been 10' with around 6' circumferences last holiday was in 2015 in Cape Verde,i delved on the "black man' thing and finally convinced her to try the dark sides she hooked onto the fitness coach and sure enough he was interested, nice bulge in his tight shorts as he entered our room with a huge smiles sat to watch in anticipation, although nowhere near the 10' she's had it was so so very thicker head like a viper snake on it as it glistened and bobbed around, she could get very little of it into her small mealy mouth but sucked him like there was no tomorrow, then straddled him on the bed right in front of me and perched her puffy c*** lips on the tip of the beast and slowly lowered herself fully down on him, i could see the effort it took to take him, he grabbed her hips as she was on him reverse cowgirl[her fav]and thrust up and in with great vigour for 10 minutes as she whimpered to unknown o******,he then pushed a thick finger into her bum-hole which tipped her right over the edge and she bucked and shuddered to a huge climax and squirted all over the place, he then threw her off and face down on the bed he humped her a***-hole hard then shot his cream right up her bum,like you she was so so sore the next few days, but happy as larry

  • Oh my goodness, this man is every thing I hoped for and so much more.
    I am a different woman now. every thing about this married man is so
    wonderful , he was amazing amazing

  • What has he been doing to your pussie and body?

  • I did not know what to expect when I first made love with a black man.
    he is huge huge, just like I have read about black men.
    it took me a good fifteen mins to get used of his size.
    my goodness, he is such a s** machine, he just would go and go.
    my body was covered with hickeys
    my insides were sore for three days. amazing man

  • Good for you! I am happy for you beyond words. Thanks for sharing this with us.A girl needs some fun in her life. How did you explain the hickeys to hubby,he did not ask or notice? How different is it now sleeping with hubby? Are you still with the lover-I hope you are. Anything else new? As a black man,I appreciate you.

  • No he did not notice one hickey on my body, but I worked very hard at not showing him them. I try to meet my lover once a month. I would like to meet him more but were both married and its very hard to meet with him. it is totally different sleeping with my husband, I mean my lover is such an amazing man. I feel so totally satisfied when he is done with me.

  • I never thought there would be this much feed back. all I can say is things
    are just fine and coming along. thank you

  • Tell us more please....I am assuming he has been between your legs by now?

  • No, he has not been between my legs thank you. I have been meeting him at his gym for a
    few weeks now and I love working out with him. we have went for a coffee a few
    times now. its very hard doing any thing with us both married but I would go to
    any motel if he asked. he is the sexiest thing on two feet.

  • Why are you not asking him for the s** you so desire,want,need and deserve? Plus without the "brenn,I wonder if its really you saying that,lol.

  • What kind of woman will he think I am if I just ask him if he would like s**?

  • About a year ago I was where you are now. A new man, very black, had just come to work in the same department of the company where I also work. My attraction to him was instantaneous but not only had I never been with a black man, I had never even so much as cheated on my husband. I actually did what one of your other posters suggested: I started inviting him to join me and two of my girlfriends for our regular Thursday-after-work margaritas at a local Mexican restaurant far from the office. Within a couple weeks, he and I started staying behind for a second (and third) round after my girlfriends had gone home to their husbands. And a couple weeks after that we started checking in to a motel near the restaurant. Please don't let your wedding vows stand in the way of a good time. Invite him places. Be available. Let him know he can have you. Once he knows that, we will HAVE you. Enjoy!!!!!!!

  • Thank you so much for your comment, it sounds so exciting, this is the exact way
    I want it to happen to me. its so hard with both of us married. anyway thanks

  • Good for you...and I know your advice will be good for her.

  • Hi,,when I read your comment it really gave me confidence. I feel more excited and
    it just gave me courage to move ahead and just be bold and ask him to go for a coffee.

  • Where is the signature?

  • Black men are just better. Better lovers, yes. But better in every other way as well. Every white female -- of EVERY age -- knows this. And every married white woman lives to experience the place where you want to go. Go there. Love your man. Your MAN.

  • So very true.Thanks for the support.

  • You should talk to your husband. Chances are he would like to f*** someone else too. If not, you need to decide if losing your husband is worth a desire you have. Cheating is wrong and very selfish

  • She can do the black man and still keep her hubby.I see nothing wrong with that.Really non of the many married women I have ever slept with left their men,few may have talked to their men about me, See women are more creative than us and this Brenn seems to have lots of brains and she is going to do this right.

  • Hello,,,yes I know it is wrong and selfish, but the thought of having s** with this man overwhelms me. it's something I can not control nor do I want to control. sorry

  • Please do NOT allow your marriage to stand in the way of the relationship with this man that your body and heart and soul want sooooooooooo very badly. If you don't move on him and get him, believe me: you will regret it.

  • Hi, thanks for your comment, just so you know it is moving along very well now. I went a couple of times and had coffee with him,,,thanks again

  • I failed to connect with a black man I was in love with, and he went to another white girl. I've regretted my decision every day since. That was 16 years ago. Please don't keep holding back. Go to him. Be with him. Love him. And let him love you. Don't waste another day. Take him between your legs and keep him there as long as you possibly can.

  • Well,you are married and if you're vows meant nothing to you then go do it. You're going to anyway.

  • I'm sure he would love to have s** with you just do it woman. My wife is addicted to bbc and believe me its a turn on for me too. She started doing it about 12 years ago and it really has made our s** life so much better. I get laid more now then ever. I guess you might say she gives if up out of quilt.

    If you love your hubby and he loves you use the bbc to satisfy your needs and your hubby will benefit from this too.

  • What progress have you made in trying to sleep with this guy so far?

  • There's not much progress. I am talking to him more, joking around. he seems to
    like me,smiles at me all the time and me at him. he's a very sexy looking man. he
    works out in a gym. he did mention I should go and try it and I said sure so we will see
    what happens.

  • Thanks for the update.Its seems like things are going well.I can picture you and him in your workout gear at the gym,all sweaty and and possibly h****. Am happy for you both.Enjoy:)

  • Hi. I'm also in love with a black man where I work. We are both married to others so its complicated like your situation. I want him so bad I can't even describe it to you. My body aches for him to be inside me, as far as he can go. I fantasize about him constantly and I drip the whole time. It would be so easy for me to lose myself in my love for him and just forget my family. That would be wrong of course........but I could do it. And it would just be so easy to do. That's how much I love this black man and how much I want him to be doing me. My husband is nothing compared to this man.

  • Just go for it, if you don't take a chance you will regret it for ever more. i had the the same problem and went for the black c***, it was the best decision i ever made. once you tasted a big black c*** your never f*** a white one again. he f*** me all night and all next day , and i moved in with him next day

  • Just get birth control and start fvcking the man..he deserves you. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. So if you like that man,go get him. His relationship with that other woman isn't your problem.

  • You know you're going to f*** him eventually. And you know the relationship is going to last for a VERY long time. You don't take these things lightly, and this won't be a one-night stand or a short-term fling. He's going to become a part of your life, and not just your s**-life. Tell him just how badly you want him, and let him know he can have you ANYTIME he wants you. Then, grab him by the c*** through the front of his pants and say, "F*** me right now".

  • Lol,,well thank you, but I don't think ill grab him like that and I don't think ill be saying
    that. I will just work every thing out my own way,,but thanks

  • Go get that man!

  • S***

  • ^precisely^

  • Please let us know how it all went.Wishing you all the fun in the world with him.

  • You must share your feelings with him. Life is too short for holding this kind of desire inside. Talk to him. Meet him for coffee. For lunch. For drinks after work. Tell him you want him inside you. Then get him inside you. You are wasting time.

  • So nicely put. Thank you for being positive and not trying to talk trash to this lady.Although I think she should be subtle about it,professional,yet endearing to him.He will figure it out himself.

  • Hi
    I have thought of all those but the thing is were both married
    maybe I will just take a chance and ask him to meet for a coffee
    anyway, thanks for the advice

  • Leave your husband if you want him that much. If you don't, it means it's simply l*** and you should forget it.

  • LOL - what's wrong with a fun affair?

  • Girl can have her cake and eat it too!

  • Nothing wrong with a woman being lustful.You go girl and get what your mind, heart and pvssy so desires.I honestly adore a woman like you, and I wish you much fun. In case you wondering,yes I am a black professional male, and I so know what you are talking about.

  • I don't want to forget it, I don't know if I could forget him if I wanted to

  • Why make a hard effort to forget him when you could make a simple easy effort to enjoy him?

  • DUUH.. Try because they're both Married, scumbag..

  • ^Totally true!^

  • You are clearly a s***, so f*** him and get it over with

  • I a sure you i am far from a s***,,,,ok

  • No not o.k. Once you are a niggerfucker you deserve to be severely tortured.. It ruins a girl for life, PERIOD..

  • You have zero sophistication and your comment shows that you are a racist fool.

  • Don't listen to this envious people.They won't quench your desires...only you and that black man can do that.Its a private thing.

  • Thank you

  • You should be held & detained without bail for inciting & promoting contempt of marriage & charged with inciting & promoting a potential homicide..

  • Absolutely. You have a craving inside you. An ache. An itch. Think of it how you will. You should begin the process of being with this man. Don't think of your first step toward him as necessarily being a sexual step. Just put yourself in his presence AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. The more the two of you occupy the same space, the more likely it will become that you will occupy the same bed. And then share each other's lives. That's what you ultimately want. Like everything else in life, it's a process. Start the process. Do it today. Newness awaits. A first kiss awaits. A first embrace awaits. Excitement awaits. Adventure awaits. Romance awaits. Love awaits. Begin the process.

  • Do nothing.. It's a n***** you're talking about & you're white.. African filth has contaminated all the good races on the planet due to scumbags like you.. You clearly don't deserve to be wed to anyone. You've most likely a tramp that needs a severe beating.. Mankind committed a unforced blunder upon permitting females to have so many choices.. You c**** are never ethical or prudent however I don't worry because being a*******, your stupid choices ALWAYS keep you disadvantaged & poor.. Now that I'be made your day, I have a date with thw Market!!

  • There are still a few illiterate controlling men,and maybe women,who think women are a man's property,or women need to be treated like babies.These controlling men want to tell women what to do,how to do it,when, and with whom. You sound like a controlling illiterate male,or female. I bet you $100,this OP is going to sleep with this black guy or some other black guy within a few months, if not weeks.She probably already has!There is nothing you,any white male in this country,her hubby included,will do to stop her.Her mind is set,she is a married but free woman,and she is going to get that POLE in her with or without your permission.Your wife has a choice, and she will do the same thing,with or without your knowledge or approval.Stop telling women how to run their pvssies,you sound retarded and hateful.

  • Please, get a life, I have not slept with him or any other man except my husband.
    just because I find him extremely sexy does not mean I will sleep with other men.

  • Don't worry,you will eventually fvck him good and for a long time.You may even get pregnant for him.Its just a matter of time:)

  • I really like the idea of you becoming impregnated by this black man. I hope it happens for you. That would be perfect. Best wishes!

  • Blacks are no more n****** than whites are honkies. Grow up and join the human race.

  • You're falling behind. Learn the language fool.. Them Africans will always be n******.. Looks like cityboy needs a ride to Dixie..


  • You are obviously an uneducated racist yahoo. Please give up your ignorant ways and develop some sophistication. Today all races of people are beginning to enjoy the company of other groups and while you're at it, make a friend from another race soon.

  • Request Denied..

  • ^Trump supporter.

  • Yaw fool, get used to typing PRESIDENT TRUMP..

  • Obviously she isn't. Trumph hates blacks, latinos, women, gays and anyone who disagrees with his idiocy.

  • Trump does not have to love anybody,I will be p***** off if he said he loves me.He is simply an ugly person inside and out.

  • Be bold and show him what you have to offer and compliment him on what he's working with. Let the process be natural. Spend a bit of time with him. Make excuses to be around. If he likes you, he'll pick up on your vibe and you'll get to know him better. Good luck but keep your business private from other co-workers if anything starts happening.

  • I do make excuses to be around him all the time, and I am fairly sure he likes me. I can
    just tell bye the way he looks at me. he asked me to go to a gym that he works out in
    and I said sure but I have never done that before. he told me it doesn't matter. oh ill
    never say a word to anyone. thanks

  • You said that so well,sounds like Prince's music to my ears.Let us encourage the lady to have a little fun,its what her heart desires.She probably be a better wife after this erotic adventure.She just has to be as discreet as possible.I hope the man is good to her so she can have a happy heart and keep a smile when she thinks of him.

  • Indeed mama.. She needs to be discreet as possible so that when the n***** gets that sudden urge to kill her that runs through them people's blood, silently asphyxsiates her & carts her off in de trunk o' that car, de investigation on the missing person's report will be deferred.. Remember, n****** kill thousands of we superior white people annually..

  • Listen Yahoo - there is no such thing as a n***** nor a honkie for that matter. Stop being such a racist fool!

  • Well, thank you

  • Maybe joke with your husband while having s** if he is into cockold. I have joined my wife in a few occasions. I actually enjoy watching her. The very first time we did it, I gave her 3 guys to have s** with. She is 32 years old so I wanted to give her three different age groups, younger, same age and older. I let her have the options to go bareback and she choose to do so to get the full experience.

  • I don't think my husband would ever want me to do that with this guy , but thanks

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