Get a clue

I know he's living with you, but your husband belongs to me. He's mine. Forever.



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  • Stupid overly-obsessed psychotic b****.

  • I hope that eventually you get him full-time. But I know from personal experience that it is incredibly rewarding to be with a man, knowing that he's shattering his wedding vows, that he's cheating on another woman, and that he would rather be with you than with her. That is such a deliciously nasty feeling.

  • Is it still "deliciously nasty" when the natural cycle continues and he's banging yet another side dish behind YOUR back? Women like this are such short-sighted arrogant idiots.

  • I'm in a very similar relationship. I wish you the best in yours.

  • Have you no morals at all?! Stop wasting your life with someone else's husband. He is not yours and never will be. Married men rarely are available and very rarely leave their wives. Whatever you think he is doing for you, you can get from another man who will be yours and available to you.

  • It's not a question of morals. This is ALL about love.

  • You are his temporary playmate that is all

  • Keep dreaming he's probably cheating on you too with other younger chicks.

  • Duh..u think?? Well, I can't control when the d*** invites others to the party. I'm referring to his d*** not him. Lol. I guess a person just has to trust another.

  • That's so cute. You think trust enters into this trainwreck at any point? Chicks like you are all pu$$y and no brains.

  • Why do you say that?

  • Another pscho who bothers me...oh yippeee

  • Explain what a "pscho" is, and if by chance your retarded ass meant "psycho", explain how you have any room to talk. Never mind on that last one, c.unts like you are always lacking in insight but overflowing with delusional self-importance.

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