Messed up

I think I messed up. My bachelorette party was three weeks ago tomorrow. And then I got married the next day. At the party, I got completely trashed and I went up on stage at a ladies night stripper party and I f***** one of the male dancers right out in front of everybody. I don't remember all of it but I remember enough to know that I was being a w****. And I remember my girlfriends and bridesmaids all calling me a "trashy c***" over and over and we all laughed and had huge fun. But one of the girls who was there, a friend but not in the wedding party, likes to gossip, so I'm afraid that she will eventually tell her husband what I did and then it will spread like wildfire. The stripper had an amazing, amazing d*** but I don't know if it was worth what might be coming.

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  • Mmmmmm

  • I really hope someone got all the action on their phone and posts it on the internet for your husband to find. Just imagine his surprise when he sees his wife being a w**** for a stripper. Divorce is in your future.

  • Your screwed . And you deserve to be caught. Don't take bows unless ur ok w the same c*** for the rest of your life

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