I want to be wanted

People never have crushes on me... at least they never tell me :(
And I'm relatively attractive!
My friends all seem to like me fine, too.

I bet it's the always-having-a-longterm-boyfriend syndrome, which is just worse at a small college. Nobody even tries to flirt.
But what if I'm just secretly gross?


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  • OP: thanks for the comments... most of them.
    I don't want an objective opinion, I just wanted to whine selfishly because I can't whine selfishly in real life.

    I've never actually been hit on, so it's more a problem of that ("what is it like, I wonder... will I ever know...") than being unsatisfied with my boyfriend. Cuz he's awesome. I do kind of want to be single, but I value my relationship more.

    I don't think I'm unusually stuck on myself... hm... but I guess when I see everyone around me interacting flirtatiously, I can't help but compare myself to them, and I can't be that much inferior to absolutely everyone else. I hope. And that's what I'm scared of... that I am inferior to absolutely everyone else. Which, yes, is an insecurity thing - and I have chronic problems which make me insecure, no way around it.

    So uh... no c****. But thanks.

  • Perhaps the fact that you are stuck on yourself has something to do with it. Try a little modesty. Geez!

  • ^^^^I have a feeling you are waaaaaay off base with that one!

  • What does secretly gross mean? Like a freak? You want someone to tell you how deep they'll f*** your p****?

  • Hmm. If you always have a long-term boyfriend, then you seem like you're upset that people are actually respecting that. Wait till you move to a big city-you'll get all the flirting you want. People stare at your ass, b******, and ask you how much money it costs for a f***. Trust me. They do it to my girlfriend. She doesn't like it too much.

    Why the h*** do you care about something so minor as being flirted with if you have a boyfriend anyhow? Do you want to see where it will lead, if a guy can actually make you want him? Cuz if that's the case, you might just need to be single.

  • Not sure what you mean about the boyfriend, are you saying you HAVE a boyfriend but still wish guys would flirt with you? Sounds like an insecurity issue.

  • tell us where to see and comment on pictures of you. That way you'll get objective opinions.

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