I want to but should I?

I'm thinking of giving my brother a b*******. We've been teasing each other a lot lately. Last night I sat on his lap and I felt him get hard. If we do something it could/will lead to other things. I know we shouldnt but I still want to do it.

I know we can never say anything to like anyone if we do something. Aside from the taboo, if we both agree to do this what's the harm?

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  • I am 16 and for the past year my brother 15 and I have been having s** regularly. For nearly a year we teased each other and one night playing twister he got totally aroused when we kinda got in a situation that both our gentiles' was rubbing each other and I got so wet he noticed for the spandex I was wearing didn't hide anything and we ended up having s**. We both wanted it and to this day we still continue to have s**. He has a GF and I a BF but at night when the folks are at work he comes and gets into my bed and we have s** till the early morning hours. We've tried it all and there is nothing we wont do to fulfill the needs of the other he really knows how to get to me teasing and he totally arouses me all day long even when our parents are in the same room.
    Three months ago I had a miscarriage and I think it was his but no way of surely knowing and now I am lactating and bro loves it , two or three times a night he will drain me and all day long my b****** are swollen and leaking at if we can get away with it he's even drained me during the day. My brother and I we love each other and we know some day it will stop but for now I truly love him taking me as his sexual partner and I have no regrets at all.

  • I can tell you from experience that it scared me the devil out of me not because I was scared of my brother but because I knew my brother liked to brag to his friends about the girls he banged. I didn't want a soul to find out especially my parents who would disown us both but after seeing my brother's naked body on countless occasions as he would parade his uncut self in front of me,teasing me whenever our parents left the house. I have to say I wanted my brother due in part to coming home from a friend's house to the sounds of lady's voice really enjoying the s** with my brother. I remained quiet as I looked around the corner of our dad's study and my brother was really putting it to her and the shocker was it was our neighbor Mrs. Robson. I could tell my brother was an amazing lover which made me want him more that I dreamed of it many times. One day after months of flirting and playing with the idea we finally hooked up but afterward he gave me the cold shoulder avoiding me for the next two weeks like he was ashamed of what happened. I was confused and wanted it to continue but it never did and we became estranged to each other so becareful if you pursue him.

  • This would be incest if you do it with your bro. You may live to regret it for the rest of your life. So be forewarned!

  • But does it matter it would be incest? We haven't done anything yet. We still kinda play around but no real s** kind if stuff. I get that its a taboo thing. And I understand its something I/we might regret later on. That the thing that stops me so far. I know people think this is fake or that I'm some kind of freak for thinking about doing it. It really confusing for me. I REALLY want to do it. Am I broken in some way?

  • The fact that its taboo and incest makes it SOO much hotter. I had s** with my cousin a couple times after we met on the internet and started flirting. she would send me dirty pics and then videos ..she later met a bf and got pregnant (at 18) . I knew this was the perfect time to get with her (so i could c** inside her). We eventually met at a hotel in her early pregnancy and we f***** like crazy. and yes i pumped a huge load into her. and she swallows too ! we met a couple times after that and did it again. this was a few years ago, but she has a new bf now and she seems to not be as interested..even though i keep trying to pursue it. Shes agreed that we can continue givng each other oral s**, but doesnt seem to want to f*** anymore. I've never been so turned on when I f*** someone. Just knowing she's my baby cousin and what we're doing is soo bad turns me on SOOO much. God I love her sweet young p****. I'm hard now . gotta text her lol. I say GO for it and keep everyone posted. you wont regret it I promise. How old are you

  • I had s** with my step brother. It started when I was 14, he was 16. We weren't really related so he said it wasn't that big if a deal. We are both in our 30's now and we pretend it didn't happen but sometimes its super awkward.

    Trust me. Don't do it.

  • Was it just a one time thing or did it continue ?

  • I wanted to f*** my sisters so bad growing up. I doubt there's a boy who didn't j*** off to the thought of his sister atleast once in his life. Aside from your mom, sisters are the first exposure to the female body.

  • That's a really bad idea. Think about it this way. Ten years from now, twenty years, you are going to look back and know you did something aweful. Go get s boyfriend, or a girlfriend. When you are older you'll be glad you didn't act on this.

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