My boyfriend wants me to peg him

My boyfriend asked me if someday I would want to peg him, I know it's something he's interested in but I'm a bit hesitant to be honest. I love him and I support his submissive side but something about this in particular makes me nervous because I've never done it before. Does anyone who's been pegged or has pegged their boyfriend have any advice or experiences so I know what to expect? I would really appreciate it since I'm still considering if I would do it or not

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    Video explains ** for beginners

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  • Try a strapless one. My gf says she likes it better because it gets her off too. She says even when I ** it the moving around inside her gets her off. It doesn't have to be big and use lots of lube.

  • I thought I wanted my G/F to peg me. She used a toy i use on first, the first two or three strokes i almost liked, but then it hurt like ** and there was no way i could have orgasmed from that. But i want to repeat the experience again and have her go slower.

  • ** is great. Downward pressure on the prostate while going at it is a feeling that can't be rivaled. The ideal time for ** is in a **. It gives something for #2 to do while banging #1. It gives #2 a sense of participation and a feeling that she had something to do with your intense **, which she obviously did.

  • I've been pegged, my wife was a bit skeptical at first but she quickly became turned on by the role reversal and feeling of power she got from being the dominant partner during **. I would suggest giving it a try. Also alot of men cant get hard during ** **, be prepared for that and know its not because your doing anything wrong.

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