Taking pics at the bar..

First, let me say..I'm typically not that odd guy at the bar taking cell pics of the hot bartenders..Even I find that creepy, and know most of the girls do, too. I have female friends in the business, and they always tell me how bad the pic-takers are.

That said..Last night, I went to a local place I rarely go to..Good pizza, but bar little more rough than I prefer. Bartenders, while not exactly smiley and personable like other places, make up for it with pure, roadhouse-type bar hotness..I'm familiar with a few of them.

"Diana", as I'll call her...Flat-out gorgeous. Tall, womanly body. long, blonde hair, model face and smile..Just amazing. As it's hot outside, the bartenders wore sexy, cutoff shorts and black shirts that exposed their midsections. "Holly" looked good, but, is young and kind of crabby, but Diana...I could not keep my eyes off of her. My neck was stiff from following her around the bar so much.

Diana was pouring beer in front of me, reaching up, and her shirt went further up, showing off flat, tanned abs, a deep, oval innie navel, and, just a hint of under-t***..Temptation got the best of me, and, while faking a phone call, I fired off two quick pics of her. Not happy stopping there, and, being careful, I managed to get two more of her shorts-clad ass, one good one of her beautiful face, and three of her hot upper body. What got me was, and, is...I feel no guilt about it at all, and, if go in again and they're dressed like that...Will repeat the process and take more.

At my regular sports bar place, I never, ever do this...In fact, have stopped guys from taking pics of my bartender friends more than once.. Why would I start doing it now? Other than how damn hot Diana is? It's of note that, of the 3 bar girls on last night, I only took pics of her...

Jun 2, 2016

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