Foreign Frenzy

Ohhhh Kay. So there is an exhcange student that goes to my school, and all the girls love him. Including me. Duh! But I dont have any classes with him, and most of my firends do. It makes me so sad! How do I get to know him? He is leaving in 3 quarters, WHY AM I OBSESSED!!????

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  • ^losing very badly^


  • You are so obsessed becuase every other girl is! It is lie a race to see which girl gets him first, and you, my freind, are losing!

  • "How do I get to know him?"
    Drop to your knees in front of him and open your mouth.

  • Foreign guys are sexxxy.

    Well maybe you could just go up to him and show an interest in where he's from and his culture
    Or say you need help learning his native tongue, you know whatever language he speaks..
    And maybe you'll get another kind of tongue too :)

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