My hot sister ,,,,i wana fucj her so bad

Ok so this is a confession about my sister.she's literally the hottest girl I know.and she's a bad girl.but still she hasn't crossed the lines.I mean she smokes weed,she has done drugs too.but she us still a virgin.she's is 22 now . I know this because she tells me everything.she knows I'm never gonna tell anyone. And we r really close.But she's really really hot.I smoked my first weed with her she always has some weed.actually it was me and my two cousins. It was first time for all of us.we were all really excited.when we started smoking weed. I kinda lost a little control over my eyes. I kept staring at her cuz she is so hot but no one noticed cuz everyone was high.But weed was nothing new for my sis. She wasn't that high. I kept staring all over her body.from legs to her nech. Although she was all covered in pajamas.I cud see her nips making a pointy bulge on her top.I and when she gave me a was such a turn on.I hd blood running through my p****. I cud feel it. It was all erect for. The next time my all cousins were not with us. It was just her and me.unfortunately it was not gud stuff it did not give that kindof high.I kept asking her for blowbacks as it was such a turn on inhaling all the air coming from her mouth.she is hot as f***.it was awesome.she was then laying on the bed using her mobile with her legs crossed in such way that her that foot of her one leg was over other legs knee .from there I cud see her p**** through her pants.she was wearing a yoga pant.whenever I go to take shower I search for her panty in bathroom.I love to smell her panty.and that yellow patch on her panty is such a turn on.I lick it sometimes I love the taste of her dried p**** juices on it. I also found her pubic hair on it. This one time she went to take a shower.and just after she came out. I got into the bathroom. And there was her panty lying. It was used all day. And it was fresh. She had just took out .I just cud not leave this chance.I took that panty.and licked it right was so tasty.that sweet taste of her v***** . Wow. I wanna smoke weed with her sgain.but this time I want s strong one.something that wud reaaly give me horns just looking at her.I bet off to her almost all the her bra.panties.I have left my c** in her panties so that she wud wear them. She has got the perfect b****,amazingly hit figure.and such a lovely butt .all perfectly shaped.and everything in proportion.just the way u want it.I never leave the chance of buzzing in her panties . I love it


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  • My brother is 23 and is a virgin, so he thinks like you about me. and it is disgusting. a lot of women out there and you prefer your sister. I'm 19 and I am not virgin.

  • Its intresting to f*** your sister.

  • Nice

  • Ew incest. Sicko!

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