I feel like going to actual Confession at Church is a waste of time. If I want God to forgive me, I'll ask for it myself, I don't need a Priest to be the middle-man and do it for me.

Is this wrong or do other people feel the same way?

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  • i totally agree

  • i dont see the need in church at all.
    the only person who needs to forgive you is you.
    i mean jees, you're the one living with a secret, not God.

  • Then don't come back here if this doesn't do you any good. Go to church!

  • If you are Catholic- ask your priest why the Sacrament is what it is, and why just 'talking' to God yourself is not the same. If you are non-Catholic...go talk to the Catholics.

  • I totally feel the same way. Not just about confessions, but about chruch in general. God is closer than you think, and he is always available to listen. Why do we need a third party to "deliver" our message to God? What makse priests, preachers, bishops, whatever closer to God than me? Most people in churches are hypocrits anyway!

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