Im Jen I'm 16 and I love wearing diapers to school
I love wearing diapers to school and soaking them in my classes. It feels so warm and I get so wet from the warm pee soaking my diaper. I love the feeling of them under my skirt. I sometimes soak them on the bus on the way there.
I also love wearing them in public places, especially when I'm shopping. I always wear mini skirts to show my soaking wet diaper off to everyone. I also love to use my vibrator when I've soaked them, and I always c** so hard.

Jun 16, 2016

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  • F*** all these haters. Enjoy your diapers.

  • This is lovely

  • You are gross. That is all

  • Back off of her!

  • Hey leave her alone

  • You're going to get infections. No question. And what will you do if some guy you meet decides he wants to eat your slit or give you a good s*******, and you've not changed or bathed or powdered in a while? Well? Well????? You gonna go without s** just so you can p*** yourself? Are you f****** retarded?

  • Hi I'm a middle aged man wishing I was a 16yo girl with a diaper fetish.

  • Exactly. OP isn't fooling anyone. ...Anyone intelligent, anyway.

  • What you never got potty trained???lol B****! Grow the f*** up!!! Thats f****** disgusting! I doubt you'll ever get a boyfriend.

  • I know what your talking about me and my gf(now ex) were the same like that

  • What the f*** are you im actually puking

  • Do you hear yourself?

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