Wet diaper

I just love to get a baby's soaking.. smelly.. wet diaper out of the trash.
And taping them on me....
Ooo yes feels so good wearing. .one....and I will rub my face in one.... what would you like to do to me....

Mar 29, 2019

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  • When my sister was baptized at Easter vigil last year when she was 15,Our parents dressed her in the traditional,white,sleeveless,poofy,top of the knees baptism dress with with the matching bonnet,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.Under her dress,they put a size 8 pampers cruiser diaper on her with adult size white plastic pants over it and a camisole as her top.After her party,she took the pampers off and just wore the plastic pants under her dress untill bedtime.I sniffed her pampers for a while and it smelled like a babys pampers with the babypowder in it!

  • I'd stab you repeatedly in the face until you're just a b***** mushy pulp

  • What a p****

  • You are not me,you're the one defending a dirty nonce

  • Nothing wrong in blowing a load in a diaper he didn't do the baby

  • Should have licked herpussy though baby is hot

  • Nothing wrong with blowing a load in her knickers he didn't do the lady.

  • I got one yesterday mum had just come from the public toilet with her tiny baby and it was still warm, mmmmmmmmm nice sniff and then I c** in it, right where her p**** was

  • I wear diapers in public and I wee and poo in them. I need to be told how filthy I am while being spanked on my dirty bottom.

  • I would spank you soundly while telling you how disgusting you are then I would lick you all clean and let you suckle me.

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