Wet diaper

I just love to get a baby's soaking.. smelly.. wet diaper out of the trash.
And taping them on me....
Ooo yes feels so good wearing. .one....and I will rub my face in one.... what would you like to do to me....

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  • I hate this world

  • I'd stab you repeatedly in the face until you're just a b***** mushy pulp

  • What a p****

  • You are not me,you're the one defending a dirty nonce

  • Nothing wrong in blowing a load in a diaper he didn't do the baby

  • I got one yesterday mum had just come from the public toilet with her tiny baby and it was still warm, mmmmmmmmm nice sniff and then I c** in it, right where her p**** was

  • I wear diapers in public and I wee and poo in them. I need to be told how filthy I am while being spanked on my dirty bottom.

  • I would spank you soundly while telling you how disgusting you are then I would lick you all clean and let you suckle me.

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