Tribute wife pics

Looking for guys that will shoot their wad while looking at nude pics of my young, hot wife, and then give comments about her. Maybe even post her j*** covered pics. Really want to hear your comments. Can't do bye email as we share an address. Obviously she doesn't know I'm doing this. If you are interested, I will get the pictures to u ,or tell u where they are posted. I have always had this obsession of other men j********** on her!

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  • Id like to do that for you

  • I love strangers jerking off and c****** to my young hotwife! Email me and I will share her pics for you to c** to.

  • I woul LOVE too

  • Love my wife done too

  • 7" uncut here and ill tribute your wife and you can tribute mine email at

  • I'd love to w*** off and s**** on your wife.


  • Email me at for wife pics

  • Both of us looking for c*** and c** tributes for my wife. Prefer black c***, but good with either. Her name is Jenny ;)

    Email us at

  • Hi I would love to !

  • Tribute needed

  • Got a sneaky pic of my fat wife asleep with her t*** out. If you want to tribute her, send me a message at

  • Would love too

  • Looking for tributes of my sexy s*** wife. Have plenty of hot pics of her, message me at

  • I would love to stroke to your wife and to take tribute pics of her. I am very much into nasty wife chat, love commenting on her body and discussing details of her sexual life.
    Mature guy wife fat c*** ready to stroke for her

  • Email me for wife pics

  • Let's talk...

  • Where do I sign up? Also my wife is 40 and busty in need of tributes too.

  • Love to c** on hot wives. Especially wearing pantyhose. Send me your pics!

  • Is this dude legit?

  • Me too ....
    Love to contribute

  • My email is
    Just email me And ask for the pics for you to trubute

  • if you want some 51 year old c** on her

  • Anonymous?

  • Yes

  • How?

  • Hit me at i would enjoy stroking off and c****** to your s*** wife

  • Let's talk

  • Message me on

  • Hit me up at we can tribute each others wife.

    Would love to see

  • Would love to see


  • Get email? Would love to send u a few pics, but will have to send them by anonymous sms . I think it will be worth your time! Anyone else interested?

  • Mind if I send them bye sms email?

  • I'll do it

  • Pics were hot! Sexy little s***! She looks good covered in my c**.

  • Email me again for more

  • Send me some pictures ill do it for you dw

  • Don't you idiots get that this is a f****** troll?!

  • Email me at jtoscano1982@gmail com and I will tribute

  • Hi email me

  • Hi what is your email adress:

  • I can send you the pics by anonymous text or email if u wish. Please tribute her and post video of u c****** on her pics at K**.com!

  • Can you send me some please?

  • Where do i sign up

  • I'm interested. Why don't you create an email account it's easy and fast.

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