My parents

Ever since I was little my parents have slapped/touched my ass every once in a while, even though they know I dislike it. I'm a middle school girl now, and they still do it, though my mom has mostly stopped. I recently found out that this is the case with a lot of families. Maybe it's normal? I don't know.



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  • I have a friend who when she is talking to someone will lean forward and put her hand on their leg. Me, my girlfriend. Anyone. Old or young. It's in your space. My gf found it quite confronting. I guess the rest of us are used to it.

  • My mother stuck her hands down my pants to feel my butt up until I was twelve. I hated the H*** out of that.

  • I would love that

  • Just tell them it bothers you. You don't have to say why. In fact, if they ask "why?", just say you don't know why: you just know you don't like it. You can say all that in a nice way, of course, informative and not corrective. They love you and want you to be happy. They should understand, and accept the fact that it's not something you enjoy. If you say nothing, then it's possible they'll assume you enjoy it and will continue it. Good luck.

  • If you're in middle school, your body is developing (hopefully nicely). I'd say if your dad is slapping your ass, it's because he likes it. Both the slapping and your ass.

  • When I was a boy my mom used to make me wear short tight shorts. She used to pat my bum. Up till I was 15 then I guess I realised and made her stop.

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