5 years later

just thinking about you gives me butterflies in my stomach. No one will ever know how much I really did like you and how much i still think about you. I always acted like i didn't care and that i never really liked you but even five years later the thought of you still brings a smile to my face. All my friends and all of your friends thought that you were the one who was crazy about me and that i was just completely indifferent. But little did anyone know that i would light up inside at just the mention of your name. Even though i know we could never be together because of our different lifestyles, i will always cherish the way you made me feel and the way you talked about me to your friends and my friends. I love the way you made me laugh and how we spent the whole night talking. Sometimes i regret not showing enough of my feelings but at the same time I am kind of relieved that i didnt expose how i really felt about you. Acting this way is like a security blanket to me which no one will ever understand. Even though i am in a happy relationship of four years that i would never trade for the world, thinking about what we had still makes me feel sixteen again.

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  • Is it you? Please tell me..

  • Awww, sweet!

  • We all have people like that in our lives and trust me, the feeling never really goes away, not even 30 yrs. later and no matter where life takes you through the years. You'll be 90 in a nursing home drooling all over yourself in a wheelchair and still have passing thoughts about this person, except when the cute young geriatric aide is scrubbing your junk of course!

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