I have never had a boyfriend, but all my friends have lots of boys going after them. I felt so left out that when one of my friends started talking about her love life, I made up a guy for myself. Now I feel like a pathetic loser. :(

Jul 8, 2010

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  • First commenter was right. Learn how to give the best b****** in town.
    When you can do that, you'll ALWAYS have a date.

  • ah don't worry about it.. me neither =) I'm past caring, it really doesn't mean anything, If you want it to happen it probably will eventually and don't worry about making up a boyfriend. Not the cleverest thing to do but you could have a pretend break up? Or just tell the truth? It's not a huge lie though.. I doubt your friend would feel that mistrusted if you didn't tell her-she may laugh at you though :D

  • Well.. it was a pretty sad act to make up a pretend friend. Kids do that. You should not.

    Examine why your friends are now getting attention. Acting flirtatous, wearing revealing clothing, or actively looking for male attention. Think the boys are curious because of how good the girls play Rock Band or something boyish like that?

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