The night everyone seemed to forget

So this happened years ago now and nobody has ever mentioned it again since, prob because everyone had something to loose, so ill start at the begining, i was 18 and been with my bf for about a year on and off, both us and loads friends and ppll were at the football club, my bf friend git very drunk and emotional, i went outside with him, i wont make excuse's but hidden round the back the club he kissed me and that led to him lifting my skirt, picking me up and f****** me hard against the wall.
that was the first thing that night, on leaving in a big group i ended up with a friend mine and her bf, we walked her home n he said hed walk me bk to the house everyone was staying, ended up having his c*** in my mouth at a bus stop, by time i got bk to the house i found one my bfs mate cheating on his gf with his gfs mate round back the shed, her bent over and him banging her from behind, both were facing me but never looked at me, anyway got back into the house and there was this skanky tart all over my bf, so we had bit of a b**** fight and i dragged my bf upstairs, and f***** as loud as i could so that b**** could hear, i made him f*** me three times before he then fell asleep, i nodded off for abit but woke at like 4 in morning still fully clothes with banging head ache, anyway went down stairs to find bf older mate (the one f****** his gf best mate) wide awake watching p*** on telly just like it was normal tv, had my glass water n sat with him for a few mins before he then asked if the f*** with **** (the first one) was good? was he better than the loud f*** i just had with my bf? he said he saw me cheating n i said i saw him cheating too, he pointed out the dry s**** on my skirt and boots well before long i had my skirt up again and was getting f***** again, this time at him mercy as he was older he f***** me so hard and rough!



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  • Add me on snapchat hun: josh-buckly

  • What is wrong with you people?

  • What do you mean?

  • That's what justin bieber said

  • Can u remember your full outfit sweetie?

  • High heeled black boots, jean skirt, white tank top haha had to look at some old pictures to answer that one lol

  • So what was the state of your clothing through all the nights s**?

  • Well first f***, my skirt was up and thing to the side, b**** out for abit so fully clothes, same with the 2nd guys fully clothed sucking his d***, with my boyfriend everything came off apart from my boots, but for my late night f*** with my bfs friend i put my skirt back on and a nightie and while f****** him i had just my skirt and boots on

  • So you f***** two of your boyfriends friends? sucked your mates boyfriends d*** and f***** your boyfriend three time all in one night? nice!!!

  • Yea i was a bad girl! :)

  • 1. Sounds like an awesome night!
    2. The best way to get your boyfriend to forget all about some other s*** and mark your territory at the same time is to f*** him like his never been f***** before! ;)

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