Im still doing it,

Hey i confessed on here a while back, cnt remember exactly the names of the confession but they were something like, shall i do it again? and i did it again? basicly i f***** 3 black guys few year ago and recently f***** the same 3 and two more in a wild all day session! all behind my boyfriends back! yes i know im a cheating s***! i wrote it all on here and got loads feedback, however some of you guys were right, i went back for more!
nearly every week since i have had some if not all of them f****** me like a cheap w**** in my living room, in my bed or in hotels, last week i had 4 them f*** me in the day sunday, monday i took half day from work drove to hotel and had 3 them f*** me all afternoon and today i had the day off work for 2 them to f*** me again in a hotel this morning, followed by tonight, no sooner had i dropped my boyfriend at train station i had them at my door half hour after getting home, the issue is i invite them, i want more, i just love them having me, using me and my body, the feeling of extasy as i take two them in my body at same time, the feel of their hands on my throat as they pound me, them runnin their finger into my mouth, pulling of my hair, the slap of them spanking my a*** cheeks, the smell of their sweaty bodies, the taste of their juice fat c****, the sticky warm smell of their thick s****, and the wave after wave of o******* they give me! i just crave more! even now!

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  • Are you out there or have you been rumbled?
    Would like to hear from you x

  • No i havent, and i will be posting one more

  • I miss your confessions so much!!

  • Any more updates? Do you want more black guys ? X

  • One more update to c**

  • Add me on snapchat for another bbc ;) charlie6-9

  • Sounds like your a bbc s***. My wife is one too. Its a great turn on for both of us. Keep up the good work.

  • I guess i am, not sure i can but will try

  • How is your s** life with your boyfriend?

  • It is massively better these days

  • When I met my wife I knew she was into bbc. She said that is the only way she can o*****. So be it. Its what she gets off on. It that is what I up with you why not probe around with your bf and see if he would approve. I have no problem with the wife getting pleasured by bbc as she take care of my needs too.

  • Yea i would love it if he were to sit a watch but hea a very jealous man! i really dont think he would like it at all, i wish he would thou, would be so much easyer

  • I wonder if tou would get off so much if it was 5 white men? rather than 5 black men?

  • I dont think i would....just love the blackness

  • So your a racist too? just in another light?

  • I surpose i am! and i do have abit of a racist streak in me

  • Sad to see so many racist idiots on here, obviously jealous reading these stories and knowing they couldn't match up or lack in size.

  • Well said babe, jealous and incapeable of making a woman like me o****** the way they do! i know its wrong but i wont last forever and it feels so damm good

  • If my girlfriend wanted big black c*** I'd like to sit and watch her taking it hard and all day. We've talked about swinging and she gets so h**** at the thought of massive c*** and and being forced (fake rape). We did speak to 2 guys but it never happened X

  • You need professional counselling being addicted to having s** with n******!!! Also cheating on your bf isn't cool!

  • Ok so i know cheating on my bf isnt cool but would i need professional help if it was 5 white guys? fact is your just racist and jealous

  • Are you still teasing them to knock you up? X

  • Yea just abit, it makes them f*** better

  • Glad to read more from you, I've been wondering if you did it again. I love the way you describe it all in detail, it gets me hard and I've thought about it when f****** my girlfriend.
    Keep it coming sweetheart x

  • Glad u like it, what details you like most? i will remember for the next post!

  • Every dirty detail. How they f*** you, positions, where they c**, how many times you c**, what you wear, being choked, if you're tied up etc xxx

  • Im glad u like? i mean to buy more slutty clothing for them, any surgestion? anything else you this i should do or try?

  • I have a mind full of lingerie etc bondage rope, cuffs metal frames etc. My head is a dark dark deviant playground

  • Ok any realistic ideas that i could do? im not really into the whole bondage stuff i dont like to be tied up i like to be free moving

  • It is quite obvious that a loveless p***-addict man wrote this post posing as a woman.

  • Its quite obvious that your the sad loveless man, who obviously cant believe that a woman can handle or endure herself in this life!

  • I feel so sad for her boyfriend

  • N***** lover

  • No, n***** f*****! thats me

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