Help me

I'm a 13 year old girl and I am always h**** but I need help with o******, I struggle to achieve one with just my fingers and I'm too much of a good girl to buy any toys. Anyone have any tips? Or anyone who can help me? Please comment!! ;)

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  • Hey, hope this helps-

    O****** can become easy to achieve if you look into Taoist sexology and techniques. Squeeze your vaginal muscles more often. Hold them fully flexed for as long as you can and work out the muscles. Do it as an exercise even when you are not aroused. The more blood flows in that region and the stronger those muscles get, the more energy will circulate through your body and the easier it will be to achieve o*****. O****** are good for the body. keep in mind, though, that this may start to affect your mood and behavior. Not in a bad way, you will just have to manage the increase of sexual energy that you will get. There are many connections in the body between different regions and you will have to learn how to deal with them. Lastly, all of the most sensitive parts of the v***** are on the front wall. If you still have a hymen, that info will be useless to you, but what you do with your own body is your business, so if you have the heart, you could buy a cucumber of zucchini and lubricate it with peanut oil (please ensure you are not allergic to peanut oil.) and break your hymen. Peanut oil has some aphrodisiacal qualities. From then on you can use that to diffuse some of the energy through penetration...if you get a boyfriend, tell him honestly that that's what you did. Men like women who are sexually free, open and honest, but not who are promiscuous and untrustworthy.

    I hope that helps. I take this very seriously. I also hope you didn't get too discouraged by these other posts to come back and see this. Sexuality has a very intense effect on the human psyche. Taoists were some of the only people who embraced it. Use your discretion if you feel it necessary, and choose with care who you become involved with.

  • Find yourself a nice black boy. You will have o***** after o*****.

  • You are young and maybe too young. Just wait until you're old enough to not be afraid. Take your time please.

  • No one can help you.

    You're not a good girl.

    In fact, you're not even a girl.

    No one can help you.

    That's my comment.

  • I always knew i wasnt a girl. Thanks for the enlightenment. -_-

  • Try reading erotic books or watch some p*** and be alone and try actually humping an object like a roll on deodorant or something like that is a good size don't insert it just place it on to the c*** area and roll around on top of it up and down use some energy into it from your back and buttocks area rather then using a finger. do you lay on your back or tummy when you try to o? also try it when you are feeling more angry or upset because it will work more. and watch some p*** while you do it. copy what they do. you can buy vibs from online stores and maybe you could share this with a friend you can trust. talk to your mother or friends. don't bother talking to doctors about these things they are useless help.

  • N**** NO. Masturbation is not soemthing you discuss with anyone at that age. F****** Christ you autist

  • Don't you idiots recognize a f****** troll when you see one!?

  • What is a troll? I have never heard of that before???

  • Someone who sets out specifically to mes with you.

  • Being h**** all the time sucks. 14, have the same problem. (Not the o***** thing, since I'm male) You just gotta deal

  • (Same 14m here) It f****** sucks because I really want to have s** but have no method of doing so. F****** hate waiting but it has to happen

  • Buy toys online but read the reviews, or buy a cheap electric toothbrush

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