Wife beater

I feel so guilty, I am an evil bad man, last night my brought me a WARM beer!!!! So I hit her with it.... Repeatly, the stupid b**** then decided to cry!!!! I punched her hard and knocked out 2 of her teeth, then dragged her into the kitchen and f***** her ass hole until it bled, this morning she is complaining she is pain, I told her to take some pain killers, maybe next time she will cool my beers next time.

Jan 17, 2011


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  • Here's a confession for ya, I often fantasize about going Dexter Morgan on wife beaters. Your kind doesn't deserve to live.

  • If this were true. She probably would hurt you one day. If I could find you I would. Your a coward. That's what cowards do Hit women.

  • Did so and no returns

  • Sure you did....

  • I smack ma b**** up for a lot less than that man

  • I hope this is fake, if not you are a waste of life I seriously hope someone bashes the f*** out of you one day soon! People like you deserve to rot in a cell forever! Your a piece of s*** and a f***** up excuse of a man. Actually your not even that cause a REAL man wouldn't hit his woman. Get help you sick f****** dog!

  • You are a horrible nasty b****** for hitting your wife, her only crime fetching you a warm beer. I suggest next time you get off your big fat American lard a*** and get your own beer

  • You can't be that stupid.... Can you?!

  • Must be good living in fantasy land. -Dr. O

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