Has my wife gone blk

My wife went out to a blk mans club in Birmingham on sat night 2/7/16
It was called sugar suite !
She went with her friends from home and one of her friends is already married to a blk guy!
So I guess the four girls to out have fun
Gem my wife came home to me the next morning all freshly showered and smelling fresh as if she'd just got out the shower
That to me was strange !!
After not saying anything to her I went threw her mobile phone and her Internet search came up / black guys for wife's ???
And also some messages from a number with no name saying u were amazing last night and her reply was a kiss only
I'm going out of my mind now
And how do I aproch her as I don't really want to lose her

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  • Not wife, but, good friend. Petite, pretty, bony blonde. Guys love her. Always says she doesn't go to certain bars or clubs because "it gets a little dark in there..if you know what I mean". Anytime we've been out, I've avoided taking her to such places, figuring no way she'd tolerate it. Probably afraid of being taken, as she's so thin and hot.

    Stopped into a hotel club on my way home one night, just for a drink. Yes, there were a good amount of blk guys in there, but, what did I care..I wanted a beer. Sitting at the bar, chatting with people, and what did I see? My friend, Alicia, going at it, like crazy, with a huge black guy! I said nothing, thinking they or she wouldn't see me, and I wouldn't be there that long. By my second draft, there she was again..With a different black guy, mauling her oral cavity, on the dance floor!

    My night ends, and, I hear from Alicia the next day. Hey, saw you last night, why didn't you say hi... I reply with "figured you were busy", instead of "hey, what happened to it gets to dark in there?". Turns out, my sweet, petite blonde friend Alicia is a real ho for the black guys, and goes in there at least once per week!

  • Has she told you that she knows

  • Me and my wife had a very in depth conversation last night
    She wants to stay with me for the lifestyle but wants and needs other men especially blk hung etc
    But she said she could never let me watch her with them and she requires nights out alone and weekends away !!!!!!!

  • W*****

  • Omg
    Last night I got my wife gem pretty drunk on vodka
    And she went to bed very drunk but early like 1030
    So I sat up all night going threw her mobile lol
    Much to my disgust her photo gallery was full of blk c*** pics with them inside her holes and she was glady posing naked
    The dirty s*** is at proper
    Messages from guys saying about her tattoo and that he know owns her p**** ?????
    Lots of Internet Bdsm history with blk guys in too
    Where do I go from here now
    Please help I'm lost

  • She told Leroy she will never let you f*** her again, you are a sissy and she needs real men to guck her, he said she will have to let me f*** her anytime I want and she had agreed and that I have rented her out to the two Moroccan's and she had submitted to being a prostitute. Her looks won't last long getting f***** by 15 to 20 men a day

  • Who's idea was it for her to get this ace of spades tattoo ?

  • Her's no of us mentioned it

  • Oh really I didint know she felt like that

  • Come over so I can f*** you, she is lost to you. Divorce her. I would be a better partner, id f*** you every day and treat you well

  • Ok I will if u give me contact details

  • Come with the s***, I will take her to be a prostitute and the take you home to f***

  • No she hasn't said a thing to me

  • She knows that you know what a s*** she is and that I'm going to f*** you

  • Do you want your little c*** sucked?

  • Yes please

  • By a boy or girl, I have chubby big tittie girl who will pin you down naked and w*** your little c*** as I f*** you

  • So are you coming over so I can f*** your a***?

  • Do you w*** a black c*** in your a*** as well? Is this you 1st time?

  • Yes please
    Not my first time

  • I have a nice young black c*** for you, he's 10in but thin, slid up you a*** a treat also big fitted Monica will be the minder, her t*** are 42gg

  • You dirty little b**** you have had c*** up you a*** before, tell me

  • Yes I have

  • Yes I want to
    How do we get In touch

  • Just come with your wife or send me your number

  • What a stupid w***** you are, accepting you wife being f*** by a load of black men and also being a prostitute. Divorce the b**** and let her make a living as a prostitute

  • Omg my wife went out the house This morning for a couple of hours and came home with a ace of spades tattoo
    Any body know what this is for or means mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

  • She is black meat, she is telling the world she wants black c***

  • Is that really what it means

  • Yes

  • Omg have I lost her

  • I did ask her what it was for and she just said it was for loyalty

  • Every bar/ club she goes into, it telling ever black man they can f*** her and they will

  • Omg really
    She has it on her ancle

  • So you bbc loving prostitute wife, is advertising her love of black c***. Do you want me to put her on a full-time prostitute list

  • Yes how

  • I have appointments in Birmingham. She will have 15 to 20 men a day and the occasional old lesbian

  • I have appointments in Birmingham were she can work from, 15 to 20 men a day. The occasional old lesbian

  • And how much with she get per session

  • £20

  • Seems fair price

  • Did you meet the guy in Gloucester and tie her up and blindfold her?

  • And also she looked battered from the weekend

  • No he was a no show

  • Look your wife's a s***, she came looking for big c*** and got it, the knickers got ripped in the process. Either deal with your s*** wife, or be a good little cuckold and accept she is going to be f*** by lots of men and when she comes home you can kiss her swollen c*** better

  • I have two Moroccan punters who are interested in her, next time she is I'm Birmingham she will be rented out to them. She will like it, flash hotel and plenty of c***. I will be there to ensure her safety

  • Ok great
    And does she know about this ?

  • Not yet

  • Ok text herald tell her she's having more c*** this weekend

  • She will text Leroy, as she thinks he is in control of the situation. He has a big d*** but small brain

  • Ok truly grateful thanks

  • If I ever met you, id get the boys to hold you down and f*** your a***, then you would suck them off as your wife watched

  • Omg that sounds amazing
    I would love that to happen

  • Come over the weekend and I will f*** you like a b**** and the stick my c*** in you wife's mouth

  • Ok where

  • Just come with your s*** wife, she will know, I have told her I'm going to f*** you and everything she has done. So she knows that you know and wants me to f*** you

  • I like f****** her, as she doesn't want my white c*** but gasps as it stretches her c***, thin I pull out and finish in her mouth, she gag's as my s**** fills her mouth. She spits it out but swallows the black guys s****.

  • Ok I except that I'm a culk
    Just make sure you f*** her that hard she keeps coming back for more
    I love the fact that ur making my wife c** that much she wants more of u guys
    Please use as you all please

  • I will get bored with her and pass her on to someone else but for the time being I will keep her well f***** and safe

  • Me and Leroy f***** her and charged the other 8 guys £20 each to f*** her

  • Omg
    I can't believe u both f***** her and pimped her p**** out for cash
    I hope you all enjoyed her p**** and ass
    Such a turn on to know this about my own wife
    How does she take blk c*** easily or are u guys training her p**** to take it ?

  • She was well up for lots of c***, she didn't know she was a prostitute but think she would have agreed if we told her. She has accepted that she has to take my white c***, when ever I want to f*** her. I enjoyed spunking in her mouth

  • Ok that's good
    I guess I don't really know her any more
    She was always reserved wen we made love
    I can't believe she loves extra c*** and bbc at that
    She's not told me anything about her weekend and is constantly on her phone x

  • There's a vast difference in making love and just f******. Making love is about pleasing your partner, f****** is about animal instinct and surrendering to those based instincts.
    She can still be a loving wife but want that wild animal raw s** with multiple partners. Talk to her but she will be back for more.
    I certainly enjoy f****** the the dirty little b**** and will do again. Are you ok with us prostituting her.

  • Ok I understand that
    But it would of been nice to get some rampant animal instinct from her
    I'm totally ok with u all using my wife for your pleasure as she a totally different woman around you guys
    So please do prostitute her and give her as much big c*** as she can get
    I want to see her p**** ruined

  • Just tell her you know and your ok with her being a s***. She will let you f*** her rough, spank her a***, she lick that and s**** in her mouth. Trust me, she likes to be dominated,so be dominant f*** the b****

  • No way I can't ever let her know what I know
    It's a great thing knowing all about her and she hasn't said one word to me about it
    I did notice that her underwear was ripped that I've washed from the weekend
    White and blk things
    U know anything about them lol

  • Yes they were just ripped to f*** her, she pretend she didn't want to be f*****

  • Oh ok so u guys anicialy rapped my wife lol
    I love the fact that that's she's being f***** proper
    Thanks mate !!!

  • No she was being coy she wanted it alright. She suggested going somewhere private.

  • Ok I believe u as I know what she's like for strange hung men now lol
    Please use her and fill her up with ur c** as much as u can

  • She's arranging another away day

  • Oh ok please let me know all about it
    I guess u guys are texting a bit
    I will find out on Friday if she's out again this weekend
    It would also be good to know where she's going before she tells me
    I love the fact you guys are getting of pleasure from my belovid wife

  • Go and check her t***, there should be two love bites on her right t** and one on the left, under the nipples

  • I just woke up and seen her b****
    Yes I'm sorry to say u guys have abused my wife and her holes all weekend
    Thanks for being honest

  • She had enough s**** up her to to float a boat and loved every drop

  • Omg I'm pleased she takes c** in her too

  • Is the s*** home yet. Bet her c*** is really sore

  • She walked in at 1115 last night
    Very happy and cheerful
    I woke this morning and she was lay next me naked
    She was asleep and had bruised b**** marks on her bum and her p**** was ruined from what I could see
    I guess she had a great weekend
    At least she home now lol

  • I guess she enjoyed all the black c*** she had. Have you f***** her yet?

  • No I've gone off to work now
    She really looked battered
    As if she'd been to war lol
    I bet the guy or guys had fun with her
    I'm going to ask her about her weekend later
    It really turns me on knowing she's been getting f***** all weekend by bbc

  • And a big fat white one

  • I'm pleased for you
    Are you sure it was her ?

  • From you discretion, yes. She's a dirty girl

  • Oh I'm glad it was her as it confirms she taking big c***
    U guys use protection with her ?

  • I did but the black lads didn't, do you like my love bites on her fake t***. She is a dirty little b****. F*** her swollen c***, hope you don't catch an std, these guys f*** any b****

  • Well as I said before on this forum
    I don't sleep with her as she makes every excuse not to let me f*** her
    I'm glad some guys are getting pleasure from my wife tho and her love bites are from u lol
    She looked bartered lol

  • How many love bites on each t**, to confirm its her

  • I seen this morning her nipples were red raw

  • Like I could know that
    Like she's gunna show me her t***

  • No not yet she called me yesterday to say she's back Sunday eve
    Even tho I've been ignored most of the weekend I've not let on that I know about her bbc loving

  • We are in the club and I'm sure you wife is the s*** we are f******. She said I don't want your white c***, I pulled her into the gents and f***** her, saying your husband knows your a black meat s*** and we are going to f*** you senseless to night b**** and you will lick Sonia's c***. Leroy came in and f***** her as well.

  • I can't even get hold of her
    I've tried ringing her but no answer all night aaaaahhhhh !!!!

  • Still know answer on her mobile or any replys from the 10 text I've sent her

  • Good on ya guys
    Punish her for

  • I'm a black man with a big c***, I want to f*** her in front of you, I will stretch her little white c*** and fill her with s****. Then get her to suck me hard again

  • God I wish u could f*** her till u make her so sore

  • Would you lick her sore c*** after I f***** her?

  • Yes I would defo

  • When and were?

  • She out in Birmingham this weekend with her friends and blk hung men

  • I live in Gloucester, so am available when you want me to f*** her, as link as you watch me stretch her c*** and lick it as soon as I s**** in her as she sucks my c***

  • Hi Gloucester guy
    When would you be free to nail my wife as she's cheating on me and I'm going to blindfold and tie her when she gets home and get you to f*** her silly as she thinks it's me until u enter her ??

  • Monday

  • Ok let stay in touch
    And get her f***** more than she ever bargained for

  • I haven't had a w*** for a week and I'm a big spunker, so I will have a lot to pump int the b****** c***. My c*** is 11in and very fat, circumcised with a huge k***

  • Ok that's great meet u in glos quays Costa at 3 tomorrow
    She's getting your c*** and c**

  • Yum yum are you going to watch?

  • Oh yes

  • Bet she hasn't told you she is coming to Birmingham this weekend and we are going to f*** her for hours, taking turns

  • I know where she's going this weekend
    And yes it's Birmingham again

  • I'm meeting a busty black woman, I will get them to give us a lezzy show

  • No she has not told me but she's got plans this weekend too
    Good luck guys
    I wish I could post her pic here

  • Gems just left the house and she said see you Sunday omg where are you going I said
    She said shopping trip with friends and girly night out and good food !
    Ok I said have a nice time
    Knowing she's taking bbc c*** these days
    I wish she would tell me !!!!!

  • Shall I give her love bites on her t*** so you know it was me who f***** her?

  • Yes please

  • She will be well f*****, cant wait to force my c*** in her mouth and fill it with s****, then watch her being f***** roughly. As well as the lesbian s** with my black s***

  • How many di you want to f*** her?

  • None ideally but I guess 10 guys cuming inside her would be hot

  • Wow that's a lot but it can be arranged. I will get them to wear condoms and then put the s**** in a bottle,then send it home to you, just to see how much s**** she's getting up her c*** normally

  • Don't realy know what to do
    About it ?
    Do I confront her now or after I've known about her being used by bbc

  • Just ask her and tell her your ok with it as long as she still lets you f*** her. How bug is your c*** mine is 8in and fat

  • I can't as I'm only about 5 inches hard

  • That's average, its how you use it. Gas she git a tattoo on her upper left arm?

  • Yes

  • Well it certainly looks like we are banging the c*** out of your wife. She is a nice woman, especially with a c*** in her c*** and one in her mouth. I'm bi so as we are f****** your wife do you want me to suck your c***, or you can f*** me, id enjoy your 5in of meat in my a*** or you could have my 8in in yours

  • I'm sorry pal I'm not bi or anything
    So if u are f****** her make sure u f*** her harder than I have ever before as it turns me on knowing lots of men like to go threw her

  • Sounds b***** hot

  • Well she is meeting Leroy and will end up at his flat and she will be the entertainment. She loves black c*** but she was impressed with mine, even though she doesn't want it because it white. She will have to get used to it as me and Leroy share everything. Id love to see a pic of your wife, just to confirm its her we are using

  • Yes she is black owned now she will crave BBC more and more

  • Let hope she don't get inpregnated

  • She's black meat now, lose the b**** she obviously went out to get some black c***

  • Are you a blk guy

  • No I'm white and have a lot of black friends, who love f****** married white women. I like f****** black married women

  • The clubs in Birmingham are full of white slags looking for black c***, us white men have the pick of the black slags, I never leave without a black s*** om my arm. They love their c*** licked as most black men don't lick c***

  • Well I never new that as I'm from Cheltenham
    But I'm keeping a close eye on my wife now as she hasn't a clue what I know about her
    I see on her phone history she's been craving bbc for some time now
    And she's still texting a guy too

  • She will be getting f***** like a b**** and passed around, as the s*** she is. Lots of black c*** will have been up her

  • Well I'm hoping so
    But I'm not going to let her know I know what she's up too but the excuses she's gave me for not having s** with me is answered now
    I wonder if she's using protection as I know she's on the pill as I see her take it regular

  • Black guys don't use protection and she won't let them use condoms she wants that superior black seed deep in her

  • She needs to they f*** lots of white slags and you need protection, I never f*** a black women without protection, as their husbands are usually f****** some white s*** as well

  • Bet she has shaven her c*** recently, they like them shaven. I prefer hairy black p****

  • Funny u should say that she's on her 3rd session of lazer hair removal from her pubic area and it's costing me a fortune

  • Your paying for a black man's plrasure

  • Yes I guess I am what a mug

  • Go out with her and pick up a black s*** you will love it and she will be p***** off

  • I'm not into blk girls sorry

  • Pity they f*** really good

  • Thanks for your input guys
    I wonder how long I can hold on to my marrage now
    It does turn me on knowing she's probably gone blk
    It don't stop me loving her

  • Your marriage is f*****

  • I hope not

  • Your f****** stupid

  • I also just found a receipt from Ann summers Gloucester
    Underwear and lube for 125 pound mmmm
    I wonder ????

  • Well she is paying for their pleasure, bet I have seen her I the clubs, what does she look like?

  • 5"4 curves blond and very pretty

  • Has she got t** implants?

  • If she has and her hair is in a short bob, my two mates f***** her and then held her in a doggy position so I could f*** her, s**** was running out of her c***,as I f***** her

  • Omg it really sounds like her when and where would this of been
    Yes fake b****
    Was her name Gemma ?

  • The Monty Carlo club Handsworth Burmingham

  • Yes I f***** her, she loves spunky c*** and is a good f***, I did her up the a*** and she sucked my c*** after, there was a bit of her s*** on my k*** and she called herself Gen

  • Yes that was defo the club she goes to
    What a dirty s*** I'm married too
    She's never let me do her ass and she never sucks my c***

  • We share our slags

  • If it's the same woman, she my mate Leroy's b**** and he is happy to share her, she is a dirty b**** and love sucking s**** covered c***. I had to force mine into her mouth as she only wants black c***

  • Omg sounds like her

  • Thanks

  • Well we and truly over these days she left me with the kids and we barely hear from her

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