Nervous about girlfriend

I am madly in love with my girlfriend. Recently we went away with a bunch of friends and rented a big house. Apparently one night while I was sleeping she went in the hot tub with another guy just the two of them. She’s not the type to cheat but I know the guy is a real player. Now I’m freaking out.



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  • She likes the thrill and attention. I bet he gets some.

  • Jealousy is not a good start. you only act on what you witness not what you imagine

  • What type of woman goes into a hot tub with another man? It's not about jealousy. It is about self dignity and respect for one self.

  • If she went with him, imagine what else she does behind your back!

  • Its natural to feel that way. Most men would.

  • You either trust her or you don't. So either dump her or don't. Either way, forget about that tub.

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